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Tulsa (December 31, 1949)

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Susan Hayward in Tulsa

Released on December 31, 1949: It is the beginning of the oil boom in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and after her father is killed Cherokee Lansing takes over the oil business in this star-studded story of oil, wealth and crisis.

Directed by Stuart Heisler.

The Actors: Susan Hayward (Cherokee Lansing), Robert Preston (Brad Brady), Pedro Armendariz (Jim Redbird), Lloyd Gough (Bruce Tanner), Chill Wills (Pinky Jimpson, the narrator), Ed Begley (John J. 'Johnny' Brady), Jimmy Conlin (Homer Triplette), Roland Jack (Steve, Cherokee's ranchhand), Harry Shannon (Nelse Lansing), Lola Albright (Candy Williams), William Bailey (party guest), George Barrows (table player at the gambling emporium), Charles D. Brown (Judge McKay), Paul E. Burns (Tooley), Lane Chandler (Mr. Kelly), Iron Eyes Cody (Osage Indian), James Conaty (party guest), Chester Conklin (gambling casino patron), Sayre Dearing (dice table croupier), John Dehner (oilman), Mike Donovan (dice game spectator, and rancher at meeting), Yvonne Doughty (girlfriend), Tom Dugan (cab driver), Franklyn Farnum (oilman), Fred Graham (Charlie, Cherokee's foreman), Frank Hagney (Doorman at the gambling emporium), Creighton Hale (party guest), Sam Harris (man in courthouse corridor), Thomas Browne Henry (Mr. Winslow), Bill Hickman (Bill), John Holland (reporter), Selmer Jackson (Oilman), Kenner G. Kemp (party guest), Nolan Leary (man with newspaper), Carl M. Leviness (gambling casino patron), Jack Low (assistant mover), Wilbur Mack (gambling casino patron), George Magrill (firefighter), Renny McEvoy (car dealer), David McMahon (oil rigger), George Meader (hotel manager), Charles Meredith (Ned, Governor of Oklahoma), Harold Miller (party guest), Frank Mills (moving man), Roger Moore (oilman), Cyril Ring (Dice table Croupier), Charles Sherlock (firefighter), Brick Sullivan (cowboy in hotel lobby), Allegra Varron (opera singer), Pierre Watkin (Attorney Winters), Dick Wessel (joker), Billy Wilkerson (lazy mouse), Chief Yowlachie (Charlie Lightfoot).

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