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Band Waggon (March 23, 1940)

Arthur Askey in Band Waggon

Releasedon March 23, 1940: British comedian Arthur Askey brings laughs to the big screen as he stumbles upon a secret Nazi television setup, and proceeds to put on a show for them.

Directed by Marcel Varnel

The Actors: Arthur Askey (Arther Askey), Richard Murdoch (Stinker Murdoch), Patricia Kirkwood (Pat), Moore Marriott (Jasper, ghost/caretaker), Freddie Schweitzer (himnself, accordian player), Bruce Trent (himself), Michael Standing (himself), C.H. Middleton (himself), Jasmine Bligh (herself), The Sherman Fisher Girls (dancers), Jonah Barrington (himself), Paul Holt (himself), Peter Gawthorne (Claude Pilkington), Donald Calthrop (Hobday), Wally Patch (Commisssionaire), Richard Coke (unknown), Gordon Court (unknown), Noel Dainton (saboteur), Eleanor Farrell (the tall female 'Old King Cole' singer), Charlie Forsythe (male 'Old King Cole' singer), Richard George (official), James Hayter (unknown), Adolf Hitler (himself, newsreel footage), Michael Hordern (unknown), Jack Hylton (himself, bandleader), Meinhart Maur (German General), Bernard Miles (saboteur), Charles Oliver (saboteur), Addie Seamon (short female 'Old King Cole' singer), Pat Williams (unknown).


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