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Police Rookie (I Take This Oath) - (May 20, 1940)

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Police Rookie, with Gordon Jones and Joyce Compton

Released on May 20, 1940: When Dutch, a known gangster is found innocent in a rigged trial, an old cop is killed when he gets close to the truth, and his son joins the force to take his place.

Produced by Sigmund Neufeld

Directed by Sam Newfield

The Actors: George Jones (Steve Hanagan), Joyce Compton (Betty Casey), Craig Reynolds (Joe Kelly), J. Farrell MacDonald (Inspector Tim Ryan), Veda Ann Borg (Flo), Mary Gordon (Mrs. Eileen Hanagan), Robert Homans (Mike Hanagan), Sam Flint (Uncle Jim Kelly), Guy Usher (Police Captain Casey), Brooks Benedict (Burly), Edward Peil Sr. (Police Sergeant Riley), Budd Buster (Jones), Lester Dorr (Cotton Club Doorman), Kenne Duncan (car rental clerk), Harry Harvey (photographer), Jack Ingram (bartender Manny), Bruce Mitchell (Jerry), Arthur O'Connell (court clerk), Robert Emmett O'Connor (police car driver), Jack Perrin (policeman), Hal Price (Jury foreman), Dick Rush (court bailiff).

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