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Desert Escape (September 30, 1940)

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Desert Escape

Released on September 30, 1940: Bill Carver gets framed by some gangsters, but gets away and makes a new life for himself in Tempe, Arizona - until the gangsters find him and get him involved with a bank robbery in town.

Directed by Sam Newfield

The Actors: William Hull (Bill Carver), Isabel Jewell (Linda Harkness), John Dilson (Dr. James Prentiss Harkness), Paul Bryar (Joe Mellon), Charles Williams (Charlie Sloane), Lyle Clement (Marshal Dan Tait), Budd Buster (the druggist, Mr. Marvin), Al St. John (thug named Gimpy), Eddie Fetherston (thug named Marty), Ted Erwin (thug named Mike), Art Miles (thug named Blimp), Walter McGrail (doctor).

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