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Chasing Trouble (January 30, 1940)

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Shirley Temple in The Little Princess

Released Januar 30, 1940: Frankie is the son of a cop working as a bell boy in a hotel, and he just can't seem to stay out of trouble.

Directed by Howard Bretherton

The Actors: Frankie Darro (Frankie 'Cupid' O'Brien), Marjorie Reynolds (Susie), Mantan Moreland (Jefferson), Milburn Stone (Callahan), Cheryl Walker (Phillis Bentley), George Cleveland (Lester), Alex Callam (Morgan), Tristram Coffin (Phillips), I. Stanford Jolley (Molotoff), Lillian Elliott (Mrs. O'Brien), Willy Castello (Kurt), Donald Kerr (Cassidy), Maxine Leslie (blonde), DeForest Covan (Jackson).


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January 1940 Europe is at war, and Nazi spies are everywhere. The U.S. doesn't enter the war until Japan attacks in December 1941, But spies make good drama for the movies, and this one is no exception.

You'll see Callahan, a young newspaper man searching for saboteurs (Milburn Stone, the old doctor on Gunsmoke television show). But the star is stupid Jimmy, a young boy that delivers flowers for a local florest, and thinks he is great at handwriting analysis and at finding a wealthy boyfriend for lonely Susie. He stumbles across the perfect match for Susie, but that man turns out to be a saboteur who convinces Jimmy that he is actually a 'G-man,' and gets Jimmy to help him.

Will dumb Jimmy help the bad guy destroy factories? Will stupid Jimmy 'Cupid' match innocent Susie with the bad guy? Will Susie unwittingly help the bad guy? Will Callahan uncover the truth or get in the way and get rubbed out? Will naive Jimmy wise up before it's too late? Who will wind up 'pushing up daisies?' Will you laugh and wish for the simpler days of yesteryear? Methinks so.