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Power Dive (June 4, 1941)

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Richard Arlen in Power Dive

Released on June 4, 1941: Fans of vintage aircraft will love this noir thriller about a secret new airplane made out of plastic.

Directed by James P. Hogan

The Actors: Richard Arlen (Brad Farrell), Don Castle (Doug Farrell), Jean Parker (Carol Blake), Cliff Edwards (Squid Watkins), Roger Pryor (Dan McMasters, company president), Thomas W. Ross (Professor Blake), Billy Lee (Brad Coles), Helen Mack (Betty Coles), Louis Jean Heydt (Johnny Coles), Alan Baldwin (young reporter), Pat West (burly mechanic), Ralph Byrd (Jackson, draftsman), Tom Dugan (the waiter), Helen Lynd (giggly blonde), James Seay (Army radio operator), William Hall (Army Sergeant).


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