They Meet Again (July 11, 1941)

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Doctor Christian in They Meet Again

Released on July 11, 1941: Doctor Christian hosts a birthday party for a young motherless girl, but before the party is over, dad is accused of stealing from the bank he works for and is sent to prison, and it is up to Dr. Christian to find the real thief.

Directed by Erle C. Kenton

The Actors: Jean Hersholt (Dr. Paul Christian), Dorothy Lovett (Judy Price), Robert Baldwin (Roy Davis), Maude Eburne (Mrs. Hastings), Neil Hamilton (Governor John C. North), Anne Bennett (Janie Webster), Barton Yarborough (Bob Webster), Arthur Hoyt (Redmond, the Governor's secretary), John Dilson (William Merrill Sr.), Frank Melton (William Merrill Jr.), Leon Tyler (Dick), Milton Kibbee (Defense Attorney Larkin), Gus Glassmire (Judge Ed Ellis), Patsy Parsons (Susie), Meredith Howard (Gertrude), Imogene Coca (Lulu Ford), Heinie Conklin (Harry), Jim Farley (policeman), Edward Keane (the prosecuting attorney), Murdock MacQuarrie (juror), Ben Taggart (the Sheriff), Forrest Taylor (lawyer at hearing).


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If you haven't met Dr. Christian yet, pop a big fluffy bowl of white kernel popcorn and drizzle plenty of warm melted butter on it and meet the small town doctor that heals not only the cuts and wounds of his patients, but mends their souls with the kindness and wisdom of Solomon. And in this one he becomes a bit of a detective and helps solve a bank robbery and find a solution for a little girl that is dying of a broken heart.

As our movie opens Dr. Christian and his staff are preparing to host a birthday party for little Judy Price. Judy's father works at the local bank, and Judy has no mother. While the children are arriving for the party Doctor Christian goes down to the bank and writes a prescription for Judy's father asking him to leave his work and come to the party. But before they can get out of the bank, the head of the bank stops them and informs them that an examiner has just found evidence that the man has stolen money from the bank. This leads to that, and soon papa is in jail, young Judy descends into failing health because of her stress over her father's plot, and Doctor Christian must find a solution.

Thanks to the help of Dr. Christian's housekeeper and Roy, the fellow that his nurse Judy is trying to snag as a husband, the real thief is discovered. And the key to the to the whole thing is, "cherchez la femme." Ahh, this story has lots of little kids with lots of musical talent, and wonderful older character actors that we've become familiar with in the old classics, but at the bottom of this mystery is a woman from big town Chicago, who is blackmailing the son of the bank president, and framing Judy's dad.

Will Dr. Christian get arrested and thrown into the drunk tank? Will Imogene Coca find romance, if just for one quiet summer evening? Will the little messenger boy be successful in wooing Judy? Will Dr. Christian's nurse lose Roy to the wiles of the Chicago gold-digger? Will Roy say 'cherchez la femme' in his midwest American accent too many times? "They Meet Again" - will someone please tell me what the name of this movie has to do with the plot? I just cannot figure it out - who is meeting whom again?????