The Law of Contact

Charile's Big Hearted Aunt (August 31, 1941)

Authur Askey in Charlie's Big Hearted Aunt

Released on August 31, 1941: When a fortune hunter's wealthy wife doesn't die as quickly as he expects, he and his lover scheme to get rid of her. It looks like they succeeded in killing the millionaire wife, until complications ruin the perfect murder.

Directed by Walter Forde

The Actors: Arthur Askey (Authur Linden-Jones), Richard Murdoch ('Stinker' Burton), Graham Moffatt (Albert Brown), Moore Marriott (Jerry), J.H. Roberts (Dean of Bowgate), Felix Aylmer (the Proctor), Wally Patch (the Buller), Phyllis Calvert (Betty Forsythe), Jeanne De Casalis (Aunt Lucy), Elliott Mason (Dame Luckton), Donald Calthrop (guide), Anthony Dawson (student), Peggy Evans (girl), Roddy Hughes (butler), Mike Johnson (cabby), Laurence Kitchin (waiter), Stuart Latham (student), Derrick Penley (unknown), Leonard Sharp (Buller's assistant).


The Law of Contact

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Do you remember when Peter Gabriel invented crowd-surfing at his rock concerts in 1982, where he would jump into the audience and be passed around on the upraised hands of the crowd? And it has been popular at punk rock concerts as part of the mosh pit antics ever since. Yeah, right. And young kids of the 80's and 90's thought that they invented crowd-surfing. In the Bible, in the book of Ecclesiastes, we are told that there is 'nothing new under the sun' . . . do you imagine that it applies to crowd-surfing too? Would you like to see British comedian Arthur Askey crowd-surf in a motion picture from 1941? Naw, couldn't be that old farts from the last century could do something as adventurous as crowd-surfing, eh? Pop some hot-buttered white kernel popcorn and have a blast from the past that will bring a smile to even a young twenty first century movie fan.

As our adventure opens, we visit high-brow and very distinguished Oxford College in England, and discover among the very sophisticated university set a four-pack of college students that are majoring in drinking and partying. Drinking and partying, in 1941 Oxford? Kids today aren't the first generation to have 'Dumb and Dumber' college kids? Imagine!

Well, here we are with four daffy college kids, and it turns out that Arthur must put on women's clothing and impersonate Charlie's wealthy aunt in order to keep them from being kicked out of college. The laughs and slapstick humor keep coming at us in machine-gun quickness as we chuckle our way through this entirely modern college romp from almost a hundred years ago!