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Parachute Battalion (September 12, 1955)

Parachute Battalion

Released on September 12, 1941: (running time 1 hour and 15 minutes) Premiering three months before Pearl Harbor, this movie inspired young Americans to join 'Uncle Sam's Most Dangerous Game.'

Directed by Leslie Goodwins

The Actors: Robert Preston (Donald Morse), Nancy Kelly (Kit Richards), Edmond O'Brien (William Mayberry 'Bill' Burke), Harry Carey (Master Sergeant Bill 'Thunderhead' Richards), Buddy Ebsen (Jeff Hollis), Paul Kelly (Sergeant Tex McBride), Richard Cromwell (Spence), Robert Barrat (COlonel Burke, Superintendant), Edward Fielding (Chief of infantry), Erville Alderson (Pa Hollis), Selmer Jackson (Thomas Morse), Grant Withers (Captain), Jack Briggs (Private), Walter Sande (medical officer), Kathryn Sheldon (Ma Hollis), Lee Bonnell (Private), Robert Smith (Private), Gayne Whitman (staff officer at ceremony), Douglas Evans (radio announcer), Eddie Dunn (Burke's recruiting officer), Lynton Brent (officer), Carol Dietrich (woman), Harold Gerard (officer), Fred Graham (Cullins' brother), Owen King (Buck Sergeant), Bob Reel McKee (officer), Walter Merrill (Sergeant), James Pierce (unknown), Tom Quinn (induction physician), Jack Stoney (unknown), Max Wagner (pilot), Allen Wood (Cullins)


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