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I Thank You (October 20, 1941)

Arthur Askey in I Thank You

Released on October 10, 1941: During a time of WWII Blitz in London, British comedian Arthur Askey gathers out of work entertainers and puts on a show.

Directed by Marcel Varnel

The Actors: Arthur Askey (Arthur), Richard Murdoch (Stinker), Lily Morris (Lady Randall), Moore Marriott (Pop Bennett), Graham Moffatt (Albert), Charlie Forsythe (himself), Addie Seamon (herself), Eleanor Farrell (herself), Kathleen Harrison (cook), Issy Bonn (himself), Wally Patch (Bill the fireman), Felix Aylmer (Henry Potter), Peter Gawthorne (Doctor Pope), Cameron Hall (Lomas), Phyllis Morris (Miss Pizer), Roberta Huby (Bobbie).


Free Download of the old movie I Thank You

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