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Underground Rustlers (November 21, 1941)

The Range Busters in Underground Rustlers

Released on November 21, 1941: It is September of 1869 and some wall street traders run up the price of gold and threaten to topple the government, and in addition, they rob all of the gold shipments headed to the mint to save the day, so Uncle Sam recruits the Range Busters to get the gold rustlers.

Directed by S. Roy Luby

The Actors: Ray Corrigan ('Crash' Corrigan), John 'Dusty' King ('Dusty' King), Max Terhune ('Alibi' Terhune), Gwen Gaze (Irene Bently), Robert Blair (Martin Ford), Forrest Taylor (Jim Bently), Tom London (henchman Tom Harris), Steve Clark (henchman Jake Smith), Bud Osborne (the Sheriff), Victor Adamson (townsman), Roy Bucko (stage guard), Buck Connors (old timer), Tex Cooper (townsman), Richard Cramer (Charlie, bartender), John Elliott (gold broker), Carl Mathews (henchman Joe), Frank McCarroll (townsman), Milburn Morante (townsman), George Morrell (townsman), Tex Palmer (wagon driver Ed), Post Park (stage driver hank), Edward Peil Sr. (Mr. Ward), Tex Phelps (barfly), Rudy Sooter (guitar player Toby).


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