The Law of Contact

Cheers for Miss Bishop (February 21, 1941)

Martha Scott in Cheers for Miss Bishop

Released on February 21, 1941: This old movie classic is a heart-warming story about the adult life of a country school teacher, Ella Bishop, and her journey through her marvelous life.

Produced by Richard A. Rowland

Directed by Tay Garnett

The Actors: Martha Scott (Ella Bishop), William Gargan (Sam Peters), Edmund Gwenn (President Corcoran), Sterling Holloway (Chris Jensen), Dorothy Peterson (Mrs. Bishop), Sidney Blackmer (John Stevens), Mary Anderson (Amy Saunders), Donald Douglas (Delbert Thompson), Marsha Hunt (Hope Thompson), John Archer (Richard Clark), Lois Ranson (Gretchen Clark), Rosemary DeCamp (Minna Fields), Knox Manning (Anton Radcheck), John Arledge ('Snapper' MacRae), Jack Mulhall (Professor Carter), Howard C. Hickman (Professor Lancaster), Helen MacKellar (Miss Patton), William Farnum (Judge Peters), Anna Mills (Mrs. Peters), John Hamilton (President Watts), Pierre Watkin (President Crowder), Charles Judels (Cecco), Sue Moore (Stena), Rand Brooks ('Buzz' Wheelwright), Charles Smith ('Buddy Warner), Morris Ankrum (Professor at Minna's hearing), William Bakewell (Jim Forbes), Mary Field (Mary the dressmaker), Edmund Mortimer (dinner guest), John Sheehan (Justice of the Peace), Irene Tedrow (teacher waving from the window), Joanne Tree (student), Tom Wilson (the dance caller)


The Law of Contact

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