The Law of Contact

Roar of the Press (April 18, 1941)

Jean Parker and Wallace Ford in The Roar of the Press

Released on April 18, 1946: (running time 1 hour and 10 minutes) In this wonderful old movie, Wally and Jean get married after only knowing each other for a few days, and Jean gets more than she bargained for when she discovers that Wally is 'married' to his job at the newspaper.

Produced by Scott R. Dunlap

Directed by Phil Rosen

The Actors: Jean Parker (Alice Williams), Wallace Ford (Wally Williams), Jed Prouty (Gordon MacEwan), Suzanne Kaaren (Angela Brooks), Harland Tucker (Harry Brooks), Evalyn Knapp (Evelyn), Robert Frazer (Louis Detmar), Dorothy Lee (Frances Harris), John Holland (Robert Mallon), Maxine Leslie (Mrs. Mabel Leslie), Paul Fix ('Sparrow' McGraun), Betty Compson (Mrs. Thelma Tate), Matty Fain (Nick Paul), Eddie Foster (Fingers), Charles King (Police Lieutenant Homer Thomas), Frank O'Connor (Police Lieutenant Jim Hall), Dennis Moore (henchman tough guy), Robert Pittard (Tommy the newsboy), Lynton Brent (reporter with the mustache), Jack Cheatham (reporter), Lester Dorr (switchboard operator), Byron Foulger (Eddie Tate), Pat Gleason (reporter), I. Stanford Jolley (pedestrian finding the note), Donald Kerr ('Red' Kean, photographer), Charles McMurphy (the first policeman), Jack Perrin (reporter), Frank Cady Mildred Shay (Helen)


The Law of Contact

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There are no big stars in this old movie favorite, but a host of characters with dozens of movies to their credit that you will recognize. This also is not an 'edge of your seat' thriller, but rather a nicely paced newspaper reporter adventure with just the right amount of comedy and crime. Wally Williams is a crack New York City reporter for the Globe, and while he is covering a spectacular murder in a small Vermont town, he falls in love with small-town girl Alice, and they get married. Now he is taking her back to New York City for a one month honeymoon, but of course, trouble intervenes, and before they can enter the building that will be their home for the honeymoon, they spot a man falling to his death from the roof of a tall building next to them. Wally's newspaper instincts control him, and he rushes over to the dead man. He recognizes him, and notices a piece of paper grasped in his hand, and takes it before the police arrive. (You will notice that in 1941 New York City there was no thought about 'tampering with evidence' - later he photographs another dead man, rummages through his belongings and takes several items before even letting the police know about the death!)

Anyway, our honeymoon couple is kept apart for the whole movie, and Alice is at first angry and sad that she seems to have lost her man before she even got him. Then she is kidnapped, as the plot thickens and we discover that 'fifth columnist' aliens are trying to sabotage our defense industry, which is helping to supply England in it's war with Germany. Alice is then kidnapped, along with Wally, and it is up to little Alice to get them out of this scrape. This is before Pearl Harbor and our entry into the war, but many movies of this time seem to be attempting to sway public feelings to get us into the war. This won't be a movie that you will watch over and over again because it is so excellent, but if you haven't seen it, and you want something to entertain you in a light hearted way for an hour or so, don't miss this nice old movie!