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The Corpse Vanishes (May 8, 1942)

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Bela Lugosi in The Corpse Vanishes

Released on May 8, 1942: The advertising tag lines for this Bela Lugosi thriller are: KIDNAPPED BRIDES Are The Victims Of His Terror! Prepare to shudder when you see the strange practices of this doctor who sacrificed beautiful women for the sake of a mad love!.

Directed by Wallace Fox

The Actors: Bela Lugosi (Dr. George Lorenz), Luana Walters (Patricia Hunter), Tristram Coffin (Dr. Foster), Elizabeth Russell (FCountess Lorenz), Minerva Urecal (Fagah), Angelo Rossitto (Toby), Joan Barclay (Alice Wentworth), Kenneth Harlan (editor Keenan), Gwen Kenyon (Peggy Woods), Vince Barnett (Sandy), Frank Moran (Angel), George Eldredge (Mike), Pat Costello (attendant and Alice's wedding), Gladys Faye (Mrs. Wentworth), Sheldon Jett (Burnside), Eddie Kane (District Attorney), Murdock MacQuarrie (the minister), Frank O'Connor (policeman).

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This tale of horror is one of Bela Lugosi's best, and will keep the girl next to you clutching tightly to you in fear as we watch one of the better thrillers from an era of thrillers. Pop a big bowl of white kernel popcorn and drizzle plenty of warm melted butter over it and enjoy a horror thriller that will give you goose bumps just as easily as it probably gave your grandparents the chills as they watched it in their local theater in 1942. It was released on May 8, 1942, and concerns June brides, ending in a horrible manner on June 20, the day of the evil doctor's final wedding bride snatch.

Our thriller opens at the altar, with an eager bride and groom taking their vows. The bride sudenly drops to the floor, apparently fainting on the spot. But when asked if he should call a doctor, a fellow is told not to bother, a coroner would be better, because she is dead. Soon a hearse shows up and claims the body, but it is not from the coroner, and the body has disappeared. It seems that brides are dropping like flies, and their bodies are disappearing before they get to the funeral home. We next get introduced to the evil Doctor Lorenz, and his two strange assistants. They have stolen the new brides to supply the evil doctor with fresh serum. The evil doctor extracts a secret serum that he then injects into an old hag that is dying. After getting the injection from the young bride, the old hag turns into a beautiful Countess, kept alive because of the strange serum derived from the body of the new bride.

Next we are introduced to a young newspaper reporter that will be the gal that uncovers the evil doctor's diabolical methods, and almost becomes a victim of the evil doctor. She discovers that each disappearing bride gets delivery of a strange orchid that she wears down the altar as she stands in front of the minister. But this is a strange orchid, with an unusual smell, and the reporter thinks that it is part of the mystery. She tracks the orchids back to their creator, Doctor Lorenze. She makes her way to his upstate spooky mansion, and while there a strong thunder and lightning storm begins, and she is convinced to stay the night instead of heading back to town. There are many more twists and turns to this horror thriller that you will need to discover yourself, as no young lady is safe while Doctor Lorenz is nearby.

Fellows, if you watch this with your best girl, I would advise wearing long sleeves, so that as your sweetie grabs you frantically you don't get your bare arm scratched by her fingernails. She will be holding on tight most of the way through this dark and stormy thriller.