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Horace Takes Over (June 5, 1942)

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John Beal and Wanda McKay in Horace Takes Over

Released on June 5, 1942: Small town Horace wants a wedding night in a big New York City hotel with his new bride before he goes off to war, but what he gets is gangsters, dead bodies and stolen loot.

Directed by William Beaudine

The Actors: John Beal (Horace Jason), Wanda McKay (Millie Jason), J. Farrell MacDonald (Police Sergeant Haggery), Warren Hymer (Pat Callahan), Barbara Pepper (Lettie), Tom Neal (Tom Neal), Ernie Adams (Pete Mooney), Lynton Brent (Joe Richmond), Pierce Lyden (Duke Keesler), Gene O'Donnell (Skinny), Jimmy O'Gatty (Tubby), Tom Herbert (hotel clerk), Roy Butler (hotel guest), Mike Donovan (police officer), Carl Faulkner (police officer), Kit Guard (man moving trunk), Lew Hicks (police officer), Dick Rush (policeman), Charles Sullivan (policeman), Charles Williams (theatre manager).

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Horace and Millie get married in their home town in Connecticut, and all they want is a romantic night in a big New York City hotel. After they check in at the hotel, they nervously go to their room and start to settle in. Horace decides to go downstairs and get a bottle of champagne while Millie is in the bathroom 'getting ready.' When Horace gets back to the room with the champagne he discovers that Millie is apparently in bed with the covers over her head. He is a bit taken back, but climbs into bed next to the shape under the blankets. It turns out that Millie is still in the bathroom, and beside him in bed is an apparently dead man. They run out of the room and find the hotel dick, a big guy named Callahan, but when they return to the room they cannot find any body in the bed. It seems that a couple of hoods hiding under the bed took the man out of the bed and locked him in the clothing trunk next to the bed. So when Horace and Millie find the body in the trunk, the run screaming out of the room again in search of Callahan. But while they are out of the room the apparently dead man wakes up and staggers out of the room, so when Callahan returns with the honeymoon couple, once again there is no body to be found. While trying to show Callahan how the body was in the trunk, Horace gets locked into the trunk. Now Callahan and Millie go to Callahan's room to find something to open the trunk with, and when they return the trunk is gone. The hoods have taken the trunk to their boss, thinking that 'Duke' is still inside.

This romantic comedy crime adventure continues down a twisted plot line in search of the biggest gangsters in the city, with our honeymoon couple smack in the middle. White kernel popcorn with warm melted butter never tasted so good as you laugh till you cry as you watch young Horace and Millie on their wedding night.