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The Contender (May 4, 1944)

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Buster Crabbe in The Contender

Released on May 10, 1944: A truck driver turns boxer and the only person that can beat him is a lady.

Directed by Sam Newfield

The Actors: Buster Crabbe (Gary Farrel), Arline Judge (Linda Martin), Julie Gibson (Rita Langdon), Donald Mayo (Mickey Farrel), Glenn Strange (Biff Benham), Milton Kibbee ('Pop' Turner), Roland Drew (Kip Morgan), Sam Flint (Major Palmer), George Turner (Sparky Callahan), Duke York ('Bomber' Brown), Jimmy Aubrey (dance club drunk), Jack Bailey (second fight ring announcer), John L. Cason (the Koko Kid), James Dime (Stoker Cooley, fighter), Kit Guard (Bomber Brown's second), Jack Hendricks (trainer), Jack Ingram (second reporter), Donald Kerr (first reporter), Buddy Murr (school boy), Joel Newfield (school boy), Alfred Purcell (school boy), Jack Raymond (Bomber's heckler in club), Jack Roper (fighter), Gene Roth (first fight ring announcer), Wally West (reporter), Christopher Wren (school boy).

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