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Double Exposure (December 18, 1944)

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Chester Morris and Nancy Kelly in Double Exposure

Released on December 18, 1944: A lady photographer helps her editor solve a murder in the process of wooing him in New York City, where half the girls are working girls, and the other half are working men.

Directed by William Berke

The Actors: Chester Morris (Larry Burke), Nancy Kelly (Pat Marvin), Jane Farrar (Dolores Tucker), Phillip Terry (Ben Scribner), Richard Gaines (James R. Tarlock), Charles Arnt (Sonny Tucker), Claire Rochelle (Smitty), Roma Aldrich (Mavis), Edward Earle (District Attorney Merkle), Kit Guard (Butch, cab driver), Eddie Hall (newspaper photographer), Dewey Robinson (Mac).

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You won't need any tissues for this romantic comedy, unless of course you laugh so hard that you tear up a bit. But this delightful comedy moves so quickly that you won't have time for much white kernel popcorn, so don't make too much . . . unless you are just a bit hungry, and want to finish it off after the movie.

Okay, here is all the setup that you will need to get you into this fun flick. Larry Burke runs a photo magazine in New York City, and the owner of the magazine is a health nut that is always passing out carrots to everyone he meets. This morning the boss is mad at Larry because a picture in last week's magazine turned out to have been faked. Larry fires the photographer that faked the picture, and needs to hire a new photographer. The boss shows Burke a photo on the front page of a small midwestern newspaper of an airplane moments before it crashes, and exclaims that Burke needs to hire a great photographer like this Pat fellow that took the airplane picture. Burke sends Pat a telegram offering him a job in the big city, and Pat is thrilled. Of course, Pat is short for Patricia, and she jumps at the chance to get a job in the big city, and leaves Iowa for New York, leaving behind her old boyfriend, who just happens to be as big a health nut as Burke's boss.

When Burke meets Pat, the wolf comes out in him, but Pat is more than able to keep him at bay. Then her boyfriend from Iowa shows up and Pat convinces Burke that he is her brother. We insert one more man into this love-chase, a wealthy older gentleman whos passion, hobby and career is to marry as many girls as he can. That's all you need to know ahead of time, and once you start this one, the time will positively fly by to the perfect romantic ending after a wild ride of confused lovers all chasing Pat, and Pat's unequalled skill in steering them all to the ending that she wants, like any determined woman will.