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Delightfully Dangerous (March 31, 1945)

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Jane Powell is Delightfully Dangerous

Released March 31, 1945: When aspiring actress Sherry goes to New York to visit her succsessful older sister Broadway Star Sherry, she finds much more than she expected.

Directed by Arthur Lubin

The Actors: Jane Powell (Sherry Williams), Ralph Bellamy (Arthur Hale), Constance Moore (Josephine 'Jo' Williams and Bubbles Barton), Morton Gould (himself, bandleader), Arthur Treacher (Jeffers, Hale's butler), Louise Beavers (Hannah, Jo's maid), Ruth Tobey (Molly Bradley, Sherry's Roomate), Morton Gould's Orchestra (themselves), Sunny Burkette (Cathy Gahagan), Andre Charlot (Professor Bremond, Fernridge School of Music), Chris Drake (Jimmy Burns, sailor), Bess Flowers (Mrs. Hopkins), Eddie Hall (Marine Sergeant dancing with Jo), Earle Hodgins (the burlesque barker), Shirley Hunter (Nadine Jones), Pat McKee (burlesque house patron), Harold Miller (waiter with message), Frank Mills (burlesque house patron), Bob Perry (burlesque house patron), Ruth Robinson (Mrs. Jones, Nadine's mother).


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This is a delightful musical comedy movie directed by the famous Arthur Lubin, and stars a very young Jane Powell, and a wonderful Ralph Bellamy. Ralph Bellamy starred in many movies in the golden age of movies, usually as the man that did NOT get the girl. In this one he not only gets the girl, but he plays such a wonderful character that you will also fall in love with him. You will also see the iconic butler character acter Arthur Treacher. After acting for many years in Hollywood, Arthur Treacher started a chain of fast food restaurants in America that brought British Fish 'n Chips to the American dinner table. Jane Powell plays a fifteen year old girl, although in 1945 she was actually sixteen years old, and acting in the second feature film of her long and famous career.

Sherry (Jane Powell) is a high school teen in a girls school in small town America that has a big sister Jo, who is a Broadway Star in New York City. Sherry dreams of a singing career on Broadway just like her big sister. For the school play this year, Sherry is starring in the school play, and this year there will be two New York Broadway Stars in attendance - both her big sister Jo, and the famous Broadway Producer Arthur Hale (Ralph Bellamy). Sherry is waiting for her big sister at the train station, when she watches Arthur Hale arrive in a flurry of excitement. Sherry's sister Jo is about to leave the train when she spots Hale, and quickly exits the train on the other side so she can avoid running into him. Because of this Jo misses most of her sister's school play, but does reluctantly meet Hale after the show. For some reason Jo does not want to talk to Hale. Later, when Jo is preparing to leave for New York, Sherry begs to come along and visit her sister and see her in her Broadway show. Jo forbids it, and Sherry is despondent. After Jo leaves, Sherry decides to head to New York with a school friend that is going there. Once in New York Sherry discovers that his big sister is working at one of the theaters on 42nd street, and she walks to 42d street only to discover that the street is lined with burlesque theaters, not mainstream Broadway theaters. And more than that, she discovers that her sister is the famous 'Bubbles Barton' the most famous burlesque queen in the city.

Feeling pretty betrayed, Sherry pulls out the card of Mr. Hale that he gave her at her school play, and heads for his house. Hale and his butler (Arthur Treacher) let her stay, and when she tells them that she discovered that her big sister is really Bubbles Barton, they both show surprise, and let Sherry know that they both know Bubbles well. Hale tries to convince Sherry that being a burlesque queen wasn't such a bad thing, and after she falls asleep his butler calls Jo and lets her know that Sherry has come to New York and discovered that Jo was really Bubbles. Jo rushes over to Hale's place, and treats him very frostily, and takes Sherry back to her place and arranges for Sherry to go back home the next day. Of course, events conspire to keep Sherry in New York, and the lovable Hale keeps trying to get Jo to leave burlesque and star in his next Broadway production, and Jo keeps giving him the brush-off. The fun continues as Sherry, Hale and Jo continue their odd triangle of friendship/animosity until we end this amazing journey through the New York entertainment scene of 1945, and wind up with a perfectly wonderful romantic comedy adventure. Just as your popcorn and soda will pleasantly fill your belly, this adventure will fill your heart with smiles.