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Hollywood and Vine (April 25, 1945)

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Hollywood and Vine

Released on April 25, 1945: A girl headed for Hollywood in search of fame discovers that all the good movie parts are going to the dogs.

Directed by Alexis Thurn-Taxis

The Actors: James Ellison (Larry Winters), Wanda McKay (Martha Manning), Franklin Pangborn (Reggie), Ralph Morgan (B.B. Lavish and Richard Lavish. ), June Clyde (Gloria Devine), Leon Belasco (Cedric Borris), Karin Vengay (Ann Mason), Emmett Lynn (Mortimer M. 'Pops' Barkley), Matty Fain (Turk), Robert Greig (Jenkins), Vera-Lewis (Fanny), Charles Williams (Chick Jones), Michael Romanoff (Prince Romanoff, owner of Romanoff), William 'Billy' Benedict (Joe, newsboy), Lillian Bronson (Abigail Wrighthouse), Roy Bucko (cowboy playing cards), Lou Crocker (doctor), John Elliott (judge), Claire James (secretary), Charles Jordan (Charles Jordan), Donald Kerr (assistant director), Charles Middleton (Wilson, Abigail's lawyer), Jack Raymond (studio gateman), Cyril Ring (attorney Richard Hudson), Dewey Robinson (banana surprise customer), Hal Taggart (casting director), Ray Whitley (Tex), Matt Willis (set crew member)


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I will probably make a lot of old movie enemies with this statement, but I am what I am, and I've gotta be honest if I am anything. I enjoy seeing animals in movies, and I particularly love dogs, but my passion for old movies and movie stars is for the people that made the movies, not the animals. I catalogue and index every actor that I can discover that is connected to an old movie, but I do not index all of the animals that appear in the movies. Yes, they are often important to the plot, but gimme a break, they are only animals. A great actor may have believed, and rightly so, that his horse was the smartest horse in the movies, but I just don't know how one would go about measuring the intelligence of every horse in the movies to prove that. Daisy, the cute little dog in this movie starred in more motion pictures in the 1940's than many of the actors in this movie. But she is still just a dog, for goodness sake. You probably remember her for her recurring role in the Blondie and Dagwood movies with Arthur Lake and Penny Singleton. Daisy is a great dog, and a lovable companion, but there are much better reasons to watch this great chick-flick from the golden age of Hollywood.

First in my book would be the amazing Franklin Pangborn. Maybe because I was never accused of being as handsome as a movie star, I am particularly fond of the character actors, and Pangborn was one of the best. He is the owner of the famous drugstore at Hollywood and Vine where our leading man and lady get together. Then there is Robert Greig, the butler. He is one of those actors that you recognize at once, but you never did know what his real name was. But he and Arthur Treacher are the definition of 'butler' and 'gentleman's gentleman.' Sure there is a wonderful plot of boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy finds girl, boy woos girl, boy loses girl again, boy gets girl and dog, that will keep you entertained while you are eating your hot buttered white kernel popcorn, but there is plenty of interest in the little things, too.

There is one item that fascinates me and I just cannot make any sense of it. I am hoping that one of you might know the 'behind the scenes' explanation and can tell me. When Daisy is making her first movie, the scene card reads: Director Borris, Camera Carloff - now this is an obvious tribute to the master of horror Boris Karloff, who was at the height of his long career in 1945. But I cannot find any link between him and the director of this movie, or the producer or any of the 'powers that be' for this film. Why did someone choose to bring his memory subtly into this light comedy? I just do not know. Can you figure it out?

Wanda McKayFranklin Pangborn and James Ellison
Wanda McKayFranklin Pangborn and James Ellison
Emmett LynnJune Clyde
Emett LynnJune Clyde
Karin Vengay and Ralph MorganRalph Morgan
Karen Vengay and Ralph MorganRalph Morgan
Wanda McKay and Franklin PangbornRobert Greig
Wanda McKay and Franklin PangbornRobert Greig
Wanda McKay, James Ellison and Emmett LynnDaisy the Dog
Wanda McKay, James Ellison, Daisy the dog and Emmett LynnDaisy the Dog
Prince Michael RomanoffDaisy the dog
Prince Michael RomanoffDaisy the dog and her butler
John Elliott and Lillian BronsonBoris Karloff tribute
John Elliott and Lillian BronsonBoris Karloff tribute