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The House I Live In (November 9, 1945)

Frank Sinatra in The House I Live In

Released on November 9, 1945: Frank Sinatra films a post WWII one-reel movie that teaches a group of young boys about religious tolerance for others living in our neighborhood.

Directed by Mervyn LeRoy

The Actors: Frank Sinatra (himself), Teddy Infuhr (boy in gang), Harry McKim (boy in gang), Merrill Rodin (goy in gang), Axel Stordahl (himself, orchestra leader).


Free Download of the old movie The House I Live In

The-House-I-Live-In-1945.mp4 (50mb - 720x540)

The-House-I-Live-In-1945.wmv (89mb - 720x540)


Frank Sinatra - 1945Frank Sinatra in recording studio
Frank Sinatra talking to the gangFrank Sinatra singing in recording studio
Frank Sinatra singingAxel Stordahl
Frank Sinatra singingAxel Stordahl, orchestra leader
Frank Sintara and Axel Stordahl 
Frank Sinatra and Axel Stordahl