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Club Paradise (October 13, 1945)

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Doris Merrick in Club Paradise

Released October 13, 1945: Julie is kicked out of her disfunctional home to fend for herself in a cruel world of nightclubs and fast living.

Directed by Christy Cabanne

The Actors: Robert Lowery (Danny Burke), Doris Merrick (Julie Rogers), Eddie Quillan (Ray Lawson), Constance Worth (Irene), Isabel Jewell (Mae), Wanda McKay (Helen), Nestor Paiva (Lew Davis), Vince Barnett (agent), Minerva Urecal (Edna Rogers), Janet Shaw (Katie Rogers), The Rubenettes (dancing ensemble), Lyle Talbot (Randall), Johnson Brothers (themselves), Bobby Barber (waiter), Joseph Forte (doctor), Byron Foulger (Mark Rogers), John Hamilton (night court judge), Kenner G. Kemp (gambling house extra), Jack Kenney (headwaiter at the Paradise Club), Maurice Murphy (Fred Rogers), Billy Nelson (Paradise Club Maitre D'), Dewey Robinson (Stony the bartender at the Paradise Club), Lee 'Lasses' White (arcade croupier).


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"Club Paradise" was originally released to movie theaters with the name "Sensation Hunters." When it was shown on television some years later, they re-titled the movie "Club Paradise," and it is this copy that I have obtained for you.

For all of the young people today that think they live with the only dysfunctional family in the world, watching this movie will show them that familys have been screwed up since the beginning of time. Julie's dad beats on her, Julie's brother beats on his pregnant wife, Julie's dad kicks her out of the house with no regard for her future. And Julie? She has an instant attraction to a fellow that she meets in a local nightclub who turns out to be a fellow that would rather ask women for money than to work, and lives on the fast side of life. Out of desperation, Julie gets a job at the Paradise Club as a dancer and singer, and as a nightclub girl she has a stigma that will cause 'good people' to shun her. But she finds that some of the people she works with in the nightclub scene are pretty good people too. The ending? It surprised even me, and I'm usually pretty good at predicting how a movie will turn out. Director Christy Cabanne really put a twist on this one.