The Law of Contact

Renegade Girl (December 25, 1946)

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Ann Savage in Renegade Girl

Released on December 25, 1946: (running time 66 minutes) She was a Confederate She-Devil when it came to war in divided Missouri, but an angel when it came to love, and when the war ended, she had choices to make.

Produced by William Berke

Directed by William Berke

The Actors: Ann Savage (Jean Shelby), Alan Curtis (Captain Fred Raymond), Edward Brophy (Bob Crandall), Russell Wade (Jerry Long), Jack Holt (Major Barker), Claudia Drake (Mary Manson), Ray Corrigan (William Quantrill), John 'Dusty' King (Corporal Brown), Chief Thundercloud (Chief White Cloud), Edmund Cobb (Sergeant James), Dick Curtis (Joe Barnes, Quantrill raider), Nick Thompson (Tom Starr), Harry Cording (burly rider with moustache), Ernie Adams (gang member Ted), James Martin (Bob Shelby), Art Dillard (soldier), Bud Geary (soldier), Herman Hack (Mr. Shelby), George Magrill (guard), Kermit Maynard (Sergeant Dale), Kansas Moehring (Quantrill raider), Post Park (Union Soldier), Forrest Taylor (Doctor Manson)


The Law of Contact

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As I write this, the United States is divided politically by two opposing parties, and each has their base followers riled up so much that even physical violence sometimes erupts because of people that believe that they must destroy the people of the other side in order to become the victorious party and impose their beliefs on the rest of the country. We are so evenly divided that neither side can achieve a lasting victory. Sometimes I think that our nation has never been so divided, but I only need to go back a hundred fifty years or so and revisit the U.S. Civil War to discover that the more things change, the more they stay the same. There were few states that were more ideologically evenly divided than Missouri. Half of the state favored the north, and half of the state favored the south. William Quantrill led a band of men who favored the Confederacy, but they never became part of either army, deciding to be 'renegades' - and never hesitated to break the law if it would help the Confederacy. This cowgirl adventure is about a drop-dead pretty blonde girl who favors the Confederacy, and becomes part of Quantrill's raiders when her brother, one of the raiders, is killed by Chief White Cloud, a local Native American Indian. She also hates Yankee soldiers and anything connected with the north . . . . er . . . that is . . . . except for one particular Union soldier, Captain Raymond. For both of them it is fiery, intense, love at first sight. The war will keep them on opposite sides though, and after the war she thinks that he has forgotten her and moved on, so she joins a gang of renegade outlaws that used to be part of Quantrill's raiders in order to get revenge on White Cloud, her brother's killer.

So far this sounds like a straight forward cowboy good guys vs bad guys movie with a pretty girl at the center, but hold on to your bowl of white kernel popcorn with both hands, because the writers of this adventure take this plot to places that you have never been before, and you don't want to miss an exciting minute of this saga between the north and the south, and the love that crossed all borders and beliefs.