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Seven Were Saved (March 28, 1947)

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Richard Denning in Seven Were Saved

Released on March 28, 1947: A plane carrying a Japanese war prisoner with his guards, a newleywed couple, an amnesiac and others crashes into the sea, and eight surviviors try to escape death on the wild sea.

Directed by William H. Pine

The Actors: Richard Denning (Captain Allen Danton), Catherine Craig (Susan Briscoe), Russell Hayden (Captain Jim Willis), Ann Doran (Alice, Mrs. Rollin Hartley), Byron Barr (Lieutenant Martin Pinkert), Richard Loo (Colonel Yamura), Don Castle (Lieutenant Pete Sturdevant), George Tyne (Sergeant Blair), Keith Richards (Smith / Philip Thompson), John Eldredge (Rollin Hartley).


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Since I've begun to follow my passion for old movies, television shows and radio programs, a lot of things in my life have changed. I've been reading, listening to and watching some of the people that share their life experiences, and I am discovering how much real power that I have over the world and the people that inhabit my universe . . . none. The only person that I can really have any effect on is myself. When I try to convince anyone else to change, it never works, and only frustrates the relationship. And why should I even try to correct anyone else when I am in so much need myself. Sure, when I get up in the morning I am convinced that I am one of the greatest people in the world . . . but in my quiet time of meditation each morning I understand how much more I need to learn and grow, just to get successfully through this day and get a few steps closer to my goals. One example that this movie brings to the forefront of my mind is my increasing control over food. When I was a young kid, if I didn't eat fast . . . I didn't eat much. And I was always, always hungry as a kid. I could and would eat any food within my reach . . . a habit that followed me into my adult years, when much more food was within my reach.

Our survivors in this movie are stuck in a life boat in the middle of the sea with very meager rations, and people that are accustomed to eating and drinking large amounts each day are forced to eat and drink much less. I remember the days before I got involved in my passion . . . . I probably ate three to four times the amount of food that I eat now, and enjoyed it much less. Following my passion, and reading about the experiences of others who followed their passion, I have learned to do only the things that really please me and move me closer to my goals - I follow my own heart, not the desires of everyone around me. I cannot change them, and I should not allow anyone else to divert me from my passions. And that includes food. No, I am not on a 'diet' or trying to lose weight. I eat whenever I want to, and I eat anything that hits my fancy. But it is different now. In the old days, I did NOT eat whenever I wanted to and whatever I wanted. I followed the customs of my surroundings instead. For instance, noon is lunch time, and like everyone else around me, it was time to eat. Being 50 miles from home meant restaurant food or fast food. So I picked the meal that seemed to be best, and gobbled it down quickly before returning to work. But I discovered that I wasn't really enjoying the meal - I was eating things that I really didn't want to eat whether I was hungry then or not. Today when I get restaurant food, I get what I really want, whether it is part of the 'meal' or not. If a potato of some kind is part of the meal, and I don't feel like potato, I have no problem letting it sit on the plate uneaten, and if I would rather have something else instead I have no problem ordering it and paying extra for it, while 'wasting' the potato. And it probably will not be at 'noon' - I don't usually feel hungry then. Sometimes I want to eat much earlier in the day, and sometimes I don't want to eat until much later. And I no longer obey my 'intelligent mind' over my desires - I understand that a salad and piece of grilled meat is better than a big hot dog and a bowl of chili with onions and cheese, but if I feel like the hot dog and chili, that is what I will eat. And when I eat what I really desire . . . what really tastes good to me at that moment, and nothing more, I seem to get full, and satisfied, on much less. In the past year I have never gone hungry, and I have eaten anything and everything that I desire, in any amount that pleases me, and I have dropped many, many pounds that had accumulated over the 'good' years. I enjoy eating now more than I ever have, and I eat all of the wonderful things that my desires bring to mind. If I do not live as long as I would if I only ate the 'perfect' foods, that is all right, because every day is a great day, filled with the pleasure of eating the amazing foods that I enjoy the most.

I think that I would be able to survive on a life boat with meager rations, because big or little, every bite would be a joy. As I've heard before, and now understand, some people live to eat, and some people eat to live. But the beautiful thing is, I can do both. I can eat as much as I need in order to power my body, and enjoy the heck out of it at the same time. It's a win-win all around. Pardon me as I nibble on my bowl of white kernel popcorn that I drizzled a whole stick of real butter over. Sure, I also enjoy broccoli and veggies, salads and very lean meats, but for me nothing beats hot buttered popcorn when I'm relaxing with an old movie like this one, and that is what I will eat now.

Ann Doran and John EldredgeAnn Doran and Keith Richards
Ann Doran and John EldredgeAnn Doran and Keith Richards
Byron Barr, Richard Loo and George TyneCatherine Craig
Byron Barr, Richard Loo and Keith RichardsCatherine Craig
Don CastleDon Castle and Russell Hayden
Don CastleDon Castle and Russell Hayden
John Eldredge and Ann DoranKeith Richards
John Eldredge and Ann DoranKeith Richards
Richard DenningRichard Denning and Catherine Craig
Richard DenningRichard Denning and Catherine Craig
Russell HaydenRussell Hayden and Catherine Craig
Russell HaydenRussell Hayden and Catherine Craig