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Sing a Song of Six Pants (October 30, 1947)

The Three Stooges in Sing A Song of Six Pants

Released on October 30, 1947: Larry, Shemp and Moe are operating a dry cleaners and need lots of cash fast to pay their debts. Fortunately a gangster with stolen loot leaves his suit and loot in their care.

Directed by Jules White

The Actors: Shemp Howard (Curly), Larry Fine (Larry), Moe Howard (Moe), Virginia Hunter (Hargan's girlfriend), Tiny Brauer (Terry 'Slippery finger' Hargan), Vernon Dent (detective), Phil Arnold (customer with the shredded jacket), Bing Connolly (bit man), Johnny Kascier (Harghan henchman), Cy Schindell (Hargan henchman), Jules White (the radio announcer's voice)


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This is one of four Three Stooges classic movie shorts that became public domain because the copyright was not renewed. In this one our heroes are running a dry cleaners, and they owe a lot of money to their creditors and have no idea how they will pay off their equipment, until they hear a radio announcement about the escape of some gangsters that have been robbing safes. Fortunately, just by chance, the head gangster drops off his suit for cleaning, and it has not only the combination for a safe that he wants to rob that night, but a fist full of cash from previous jobs. Our stooges manage to turn the crooks over to the police, and while the policeman takes the reward instead of letting them have it, the three stooges find some left over cash from the gangsters that they keep. Shemp Howard plays the third Stooge in this one instead of Curly Joe, who had a massive stroke in 1946 and didn't act in any more of the Three Stooges movies.