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Night Time in Nevada (September 5, 1948)

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Night Time in Nevada

Released on September 5, 1948: Roy Rogers is a Nevada State Policeman who helps a young girl in search of her dead father and her inheritance that has been stolen by the man who killed her father.

Directed by William Witney

The Actors: Roy Rogers (Roy Rogers), Adele Mara (Joan Andrews), Andy Devine (State Police Sergeant Cookie Bullfincher), Grant Withers (Ran Farrell), Marie Harmon (Toni Borden), Joseph Crehan (Engineer Casey), George M. Carleton (lawyer Jason Howley), Mike Ragan (henchman Mort), Steve Darrell (tramp), James Nolan (Jim Andrews), Hank Patterson (tramp), Bob Nolan (cowhand, leader of Sons of the Pioneers), Sons of the Pioneers (singers and musicians), Pat Brady (cowhand Pat, member of the Sons of the Pioneers), Hugh Farr (cowhand, bass singer for the Sons of the Pioneers), Karl Farr (cowhand, guitar player for the Sons of the Pioneers), Rex Lease (officer), Lloyd Perryman (cowhand, member of the Sons of the Pioneers), Bob Reeves (Deputy Sheriff Bob), Tim Spencer (cowhand, member of the Sons of the Pioneers)


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