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Young Buffalo Bill (April 12, 1940)

Roy Rogers in Young Buffalo Bill

Released on April 12, 1940: Roy and Gabby are in Santa Fe to help survey the land and establish legal bounderies, but one local rancher will do anything to stop them.

Directed by Joseph Kane

The Actors: Roy Rogers (Bill Cody), George 'Gabby' Hayes (Gabby Whitaker), Pauline Moore (Tonia Regas), Hugh Sothern (Don Regas), Chief Thundercloud (Akuna), Julian Rivero (Pancho), Trevor Bardette (Emelio Montez), Steve Pendleton (Jerry Calhoun), Wade Boteler (Colonel Joseph Calhoun), Anna Demetrio (Elena), Estelita Zarco (Dolores), Silver Tip Baker (barfly), Hank Bell (stage coach shotgun guard), Dick Botiller (Comanche renegade), Lynton Brent (Army supply sergeant), Fred Burns (stage coach driver), Horace B. Carpenter (barfly), George Chesebro (dice table croupier), Iron Eyes Cody (Comanche renegade), Silver Harr (cantina man), Al Haskell (henchman), Bruce Kellogg (henchman), Jack O'Shea (Army Corporal).


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Young Buffalo Bill and his side-kick Gabby go to a small New Mexico town called Santa Fe to get a job helping survey the land according to the Spanish Land Grants, to establish legal borders for the ranches. Buffalo Bill and his side-kick will be advance scouts for the surveyers over land inhabited by uncooperative ranchers and Comanche Indians. On the way, they meet beautiful young Tonia Regas. Don Regas, Tonia's grandfather, owns the largest ranch in the area, and he is determined to stop the Colonel and his men from surveying his ranch. He is afraid the survey will result in a smaller ranch, but reluctantly allows the survey after being reassured by Buffalo Bill that the survey will be fair and honest.

The surveyor falls for a Spanish girl in town, and she seduces him into losing all of his money at the craps table. With the help of a man that wants control of part of Don Regas' land, the surveyor then becomes indebted to the man, who lends him much more money to lose. The man then blackmails the surveyor to put a false boundry on the northern part of Don Regas' land so the man can claim the land as his own. After the phoney lines are written in by the surveyor, he is killed, and they then try to kill Don Regas with the help of a band of Comanche Indians. Only Roy Rogers, as Buffalo Bill Cody, can save the life of Don Regas and untangle this mess.

This is classic Roy Rogers, with plenty of gunfights with Indians, fist-fights and action that hallmarked cowboy movies in the 30's. Just about every Saturday afternoon theaters were full of children and adults enthralled with the cowboy adventures of the old west.

Before he was a cowboy star, Roy was part of a singing group called the Sons of the Pioneers, and you will enjoy him serenading Tonia in the middle and again at the end of the movie. You will see the Sons of the Poineers featured in many of Roy Rogers' movies.