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The Ghost Train (May 31, 1941)

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Arthur Askey in The Ghost Train

Released May 31, 1941: Arthur Askey provides the laughs with his Vaudville routines as a group of eccentric train passengers stranded in an empty train station deal with the arrival of a train full of ghosts.

Directed by Walter Forde

The Actors: Arthur Askey (Tommy Gander), Richard Murdoch (Teddy Deakin), Kathleen Harrison (Miss Bourne), Peter Murray Hill (Richard G. Winthrop), Carole Lynn (Jackie Winthrop), Morland Graham (Dr. Sterling), Betty Jardine (Edna Hopking), Stuart Latham (Herbert Perkins), Herbert Lomas (Saul Hodgkin), Raymond Huntley (John Price), Linden Travers (Julia Price), D.J. Williams (Ben Isaacs), Wallace Bosco (Ted Holmes), Wilfrid Lawson (bit part), George Merritt (Inspector), Sydney Moncton (train guard).

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British Vaudville comedian Arthur Askey is at it again in this ghostly adventure. He is one of a group of train passengers that we are introduced to as the movie opens. Arthur loses his hat in the wind, and pulls the emergency chord that stops the train. Before anyone can determine what happened, we see Arthur running back the track, retrieving his hat, and running back to the train as it gets ready to start up again. This delays the train a few minutes, and when it stops at a deserted country station, our group of passengers gets off to change to another train and continue their journey. But because of the delay that Arthur caused getting his hat, they missed their connection, and must spend the night in the deserted train station. It is a dark and stormn night, and the Station Master tries to kick them out and lock up, but there are no other accomodations for the stranded passengers, so he goes home leaving them to fend for themselves in the deserted station.

Before the Station Master leaves, he tells them the story of a train long ago that passed this station, and because a railroad worker had a heart attack and died before switching the bridge closed, the train and it's passengers crashed into the river and all aboard perished. He went on to tell them that some nights a train full of ghosts runs past the station, looking to add passengers to the ghostly train, and he warned them that they better not open the doors or look at the train if it should approach. With that he leaves them and heads for his home. The group starts to settle in and get used to each other when a person seems to be walking down the station deck with a lantern and pounds on the door. When they cautiously open the door, the station master staggers into the room and collapses, dead of shock. A few minutes later, a mad woman runs to the door and they let her in. Soon another man crashes his car outside, and comes in looking for the woman. Our story gets creepier as the lady starts talking about the ghost train, and as everyone starts to get the heebie-jeebies, the loud roar of a train approaches, and they discover that they are locked in, and cannot open any of the doors.

Get a big bowl of popcorn ready and sit back and enjoy a delicious blend of comedy and horror as The Ghost Train enters the station.