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Fiesta (November 28, 1941)

Ann Ayars in Fiesta

Released on November 28, 1941: A romantic musical comedy about Cholita, who brings a city slicker to her small Mexican village as her fiance, instead of choosing her childhood friend from home.

Directed by LeRoy Prinz

The Actors: Ann Ayars (Cholita), Jorge Negrete (Jose), Armida (Cuca), George Givot (Fernando Gomez), Antonio Moreno (Don Hernandez, Cholita's uncle), Nick Moro (Pedro), Frank Yaconelli (Pablo), George Humbert (Pancho), Francisco Moreno (Paco), Betty Bryson (Pancho's wife), Carlos Valdez (Oaxoco Plume Dancer), Jose Arias (leader of the Mexican Tipica Orchestra), The Guadalajara Trio (band), Tipica Orchestra of the Mexico City Police (orchestra), Earl Douglas (musician with Pedro and Pablo), Nacho Galindo (proprietor), Soledad Jimenez (nurse), John Maxwell (Mr. Contrerea's assistant), Alex Montoya (Vaquero), Robert Emmett O'Connor (the bus driver), Jose Portugal (reporter), Rudy Rama (photographer), Rosa Rey (housekeeper), Dewey Robinson (policeman), Ben Welden (policeman).

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