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Back Room Boy (April 17, 1942)

Arthur Askey in Back Room Boy

Released April 17, 1942: A BBC employee is exiled to a remote island after making a big mistake, and finds himself in the middle of a shipwrecked crew of beautiful girls that are disappearing one at a time.

Directed by Herbert Mason

The Actors: Arthur Askey (Arthur Pilbeam), Moore Marriott (Jerry), Graham Moffatt (Albert), Googie Withers (Bobbie), Vera Frances (Jane), Joyce Howard (Betty), John Salew (Steve Mason), George Merritt (Uncle), Eileen Bennett (bit part), Philip Friend (Damon Ravel), Aubrey Mallalieu (West), D.J. Williams (McIntyre).


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Make enough popcorn for everyone, because this comedy is for the guys, and the girls that like the guys . . . a rousing British comedy featuring Arthur Askey, master of British comedy in the 1940's. As the movie begins, we discover that Arthur has a terribly important job for the BBC radio network. He is in charge of doing the 'dings' on air counting down to each hour. On this day he has a problem with his girlfriend. She doesn't like it that he must leave her before every hour for his top secret job. It causes him to make a mistake on the dings before midnight, and he is brought before the bosses, who reprimand him for his mistake, and he vows that he will quit if he isn't given a job where there are no women around. He proclaims that all of his troubles are because of the women in his life. After some discussion, it is decided that he will be posted to a tiny island in the North Sea off of the coast of Ireland that has no inhabitants. He will be alone on a piece of rock for months, a piece of rock that the locals on the mainland say is haunted by a murdering mermaid.

Once deposited on the deserted piece of rock, the fun begins when Arthur becomes convinced that there is a ghost wandering through the lighthouse that will be his home. He winds up keeping company with a little girl that stowed away on his boat over to the island, and a group of pretty girls and two daffy guys that are on a ship that is torpedoed and sunk nearby. Strange things keep happening that cannot be explained . . . people disappear one by one without explaination until Arthur finally discovers a nazi spy ring that he captures wiht the help of the girls and saves the day for the British war effort.