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King Arthur Was A Gentleman (December 28, 1942)

Arthur Askey in King Arthur Was A Gentleman

Released December 28, 1942: Arthur Askey plays Arther King, who enlists in England's Army, and soon fancies himself as King Arthur of legend.

Directed by Marcel Varnel

The Actors: Arthur Askey (Arthur King), Max Bacon (Maxie), Al Burnett (Slim), Evelyn Dall (Susan Ashley), Vera Frances (Vera), Peter Graves (Lance Elliott), Brefni O'Rorke (Colonel Duncannon), Anne Shelton (Gwen Duncannon), Ronald Shiner (Sergeant), Jack Train (Jack), Victor Feldman (young boy drumming), Clifford Buckton, Clifford Cobbe, Freddie Crump, Ernie Feldman, Elizabeth Flateau, Cameron Hall, Bryan Herbert, Vincent Holman, Margot Hunter, Virginia Keiley, Sonia Somers, Veronica Turleigh, John Wynn.


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When you are in the mood for a WWII movie, and you need a good tickle at the same time, King Arthur Was A Gentleman is the motion picture from Britain that fills the bill. Arther Askey blends his unique brand of verbal humor with a few good songs, add a bit of fantasy from King Arther and the Round Table, and you have a hearty, happy military adventure that will put a smile on your face and have you ready to enlist!

As our adventure begins, we find a couple of pretty young girls in the army, finished with their training, will be attached to a military unit for the duration of the war. They have one final leave to go home and see their loved ones. One of the girls is the daughter of a high-ranking military officer, and the other has a boyfriend that is a map maker, a bit of a strange, nerd fellow. Because he is such a nit-wit, his attempts to enlist have failed. When the girls and he get into trouble, the officer-father of Gwen gets them out of the trouble if they promise to keep it quiet that he let them off, but Arthur insists that the price for his silence is that he be admitted to the Army within 24 hours.

So we have nit-wit Arthur in the Army, soon making a mockery of the training with his inept abilities. Did I mention that Arther is a fan of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table? King Arthur is his hero, and he reads the stories till he has them about memorized. Just as he has become such a nuisance that he would be washed out of the service, some of his budddies dig up an old sword and decide to play a trick on Arthur by telling him that it must be Ex-Calibur, the famous sword of legend. But something strange and magical happens when the believing Arther takes the sword in his hands. His face gets a far away look, and his nit-wit personality goes away, and he becomes a competent soldier.

Pop your corn, drizzle on the melted butter, get a tall beverage of your choice, and enjoy a look at WWII from the view of the British funny-bone.