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Haunted Ranch (February 19, 1943)

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The Range Busters in Haunted Ranch

Released on February 19, 1943: The Range Busters search for stolen gold on a ranch that seems to be haunted by ghosts.

Directed by Robert Emmett Tansey

The Actors: John 'Dusty' King (Dusty King), David Sharpe (Davy Sharpe), Max Terhune (Alibi Terhune), Julie Duncan (Helen Weston), Glenn Strange (Rance Austin), Charles King (henchman Chuck), Bud Osborne (henchman Ed), Rex Lease (Deputy Rex Lease), Fred 'Snowflake' Toones (Sam), Budd Buster (the sheriff), Tex Palmer (henchman Danny), Steve Clark (Marshal Hammond), Jimmy Aubrey (bartender Jim), Hank Bell (army enlistee), Ben Corbett (army enlistee), Jimmy Corey (army enlistee), Augie Gomez (Hank Travers), Carl Mathews (henchman Deacon).


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