Blood on the Sun (October 15, 1945)

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Jimmy Cagney in Blood on the Sun

Released on October 15, 1945: (running time 1 hour and 30 minutes) Nick Condon (James Cagney) is a reporter in pre-Pearl Harbor Japan, and he discovers their plot to rule the world, and my lose his life because of his knowledge in this oscar winning motion picture.

Directed by Frank Lloyd

The Actors: James Cagney (Nick Condon), Sylvia Sidney (Iris Hilliard), Porter Hall (Arthur Bickett), John Emery (Premier Giichi Tanaka), Robert Armstrong (Colonel Hideki Tojo), Wallace Ford (Ollie Miller), Rosemary DeCamp (Edith Miller), John Halloran (Captain Oshima), Leonard Strong (Hijikata), James Bell (Charley Sprague), Marvin Miller (Yamada), Rhys Williams (Joseph Cassell), Frank Puglia (Prince Tatsugi), Philip Ahn (Secret Police Captain Yomamoto), Hugh Beaumont (Johnny Clarke), Edward Biby (bar patron), Oy Chan (Chinese servant), Hugh Ho Chang (Secret Police Major Kajioka), Gregory Gaye (Amercian newspaperman Bogardis), Sam Harris (bar patron), Joseph Kim (Hayoshi), Grace Lem (Amah), Arthur Loft (American newspaperman), Harold Miller (bar patron), George Paris (hotel manager), Emmett Vogan (American newspaperman Johnson), Billy Wayne (American newspaperman).


The Law of Contact

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This is Jimmy Cagney at his tough-man best. This movie won the 1945 oscar for Best Art Direction, and is based on a true story about the Japanese manuscript, "The Tananka Memorial," in which Prime Minister Baron Tanaka Giichi writes about the Japanese strategy to conquor the world, including the United States.

Nick Condon is a newspaperman in pre-Pearl Harbor Japan, and unlike all of the other reporters in Japan, he refuses to print only pro-Japan peace stories. With the murder of one of his reporters and the reporter's wife, he discovers but quickly loses a document that outlines Japan's plans for world domination, beginning with the Chinese, and moving on to the U.S. With the entire Japan secret service and government political forces against him, he stirs the pot to bring Japan's war plans to light. A beautiful Japanese-Chinese lady befriends him, and he discovers that she is an agent for the Japanese Secret Police . . . or is she a double-agent . . . or maybe it's even more complicated than that.