The Law of Contact

The Flying Serpent (February 1, 1946)

George Zucco in The Flying Serpent

Released on February 1, 1946: An evil archaeologist discovers a pre-historic flying serpent that will kill anyone that gets one of his feathers.

Directed by Sam Newfield

The Actors: George Zucco (Professor Andrew Forbes), Ralph Lewis (Richard Thorpe), Hope Kramer (Mary Forbes), Eddie Acuff (Jerry 'Jonsey' Jones), Wheaton Chambers (Louis Havener), James Metcalf (Doctor James Lambert), Henry Hall (Sheriff Bill Hayes), Milton Kibbee (Hastings), Budd Buster (head of the inquest), Terry Frost (Vance Bennett), Richard Crane (radio announcer).


The Law of Contact

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A few months from now, on December 21, 2012, the Mayan calendar ends, and many prophets and wise men predict that the world as we know it will end. I know a man who has planned his vacation for that period, and will be flying to South America with a pair of photographers on assignment from the National Geographic magazine. They will be making a three day trek to the top of a mountain and spending that day with a small village of Mayans. He anticipates that he may never return from that mountain . . . . we will see. He believes that the rest of the world may be destroyed by floods or fires, but he will remain safe among the Mayans on top of their mountain in South America. Of course, I am a bit of a smart-alek with an attitude, so I add doubts to his theories. I suggest to him that if the Mayan calendar ends on December 21 - maybe instead of the United States and the rest of the world being destroyed on that date, with his mountain top Mayan village surviving, just the opposite will happen. Possibly his Mayan village will be destroyed and the rest of us will be just fine on December 22. It is their calendar that ends on December 21 . . . not ours! Of course, he isn't swayed, and is very excited about spending December with the primitive Mayans atop a remote mountain in South America.

This movie sports our old friend George Zucco, famous for his movie roles as mad scientist or evil character in 1940's thrillers, and in this one he is again the center of a mad pre-historic Aztec creature's murder binge. While on an archaeological dig in New Mexico, he has discovered a surviving Aztec creature that will kill and drain every drop of blood from any person who holds one of his feathers. Our mad archaeologist Professor Forbes plants a feather beside anyone that he wants to die, and then lets the ancient flying creature loose. The creature flies directly to the holder of his feather and kills the person, leaving no clues to the murder. A famous radio personality/detective teams with the mad archaeologist's beautiful young daughter to uncover the secret to the mysterious deaths.

George ZuccoHope Kramer
George Zucco - 1946Hope Kramer - 1946
Eddie AcuffRalph Lewis
Eddie AcuffRalph Lewis
Richard CraneJames Metcalf
Richard CraneJames Metcalf - 1946
The Killer FeatherGeorge Zucco
The Killer FeatherGeorge Zucco