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My Pal Trigger (July 10, 1946)

Roy Rogers in My Pal Trigger

Released July 10, 1946: This is the story of how Roy Rogers got his horse Trigger.

Directed by Frank McDonald and Yakima Canutt

The Actors: Roy Rogers (Roy Rogers), Trigger (Roy's horse), George 'Gabby' Hayes (Gabby Kendrick), Dale Evans (Susan Kendrick), Jack Holt (Brett Scoville), LeRoy Mason (henchman Carson), Roy Barcroft (henchman Hunter), Sam Flint (the Sheriff), Ken Duncan (casino croupier), Ralph Sanford (auctioneer Al), Francis McDonald (Pet Kerns, storekeeper), Harlan Briggs (Dr. Bentley), William Haade (Davis), Bob Nolan (member, Sons of the Pioneers), Sons of the Pioneers (musicians), Al Bridge (Henry Wallace), Paul E. Burns (rancher Walling), Roy Butler (race spectator), Tom Coleman (cowboy at auction), Hugh Farr (fiddle player, Sons of the Pioneers), Karl Farr (bass player, Sons of the Pioneers), Shug Fisher (stable guard, member Sons of the Pioneers), Fred-Graham (Walling ranch hand Jenks), Earle Hodgins (race spectator), Philip Kieffer (gambler), Tom London (hotel clerk), Jack Low (gambling casino patron), Cliff Lyons (casino croupier), George Magrill (bouncer George), Ted Mapes (Walling hand Riley), Charles Murray Jr. (gambler), Eddie Parker (bouncer Ed), Lloyd Perryman (member, Sons of the Pioneers), Frank Reicher (Judge J.E. Ellis), Tim Spencer (member, Sons of the Pioneers), Brick Sullivan (casino croupier).


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It is time for a good old-fashioned cowboy movie so pop a big batch of hot white kernel popcorn drizzled liberally with warm melted butter, and settle down for a great movie with lots of your old cowboy friends. In this Roy Rogers classic, we hear the story of Trigger, Roy's horse that he loved so much that he had it stuffed and mounted when the horse died. If you are a Roy Rogers fan you will be surprised to see Gabby Hayes and Dale Evans in unusual parts. Gabby is the gentleman owner of a large ranch and Dale Evans is Gabby's daughter. Our cowboy adventure begins with Roy driving a covered wagon to Gabby's ranch. Roy is in business to buy and sell horses, and he'd like to look over the horses that Gabby breeds and maybe purchase one. But peddlers are not welcome at the ranch, so Roy parks his covered wagon outside the ranch and rides his pride and joy, a dark mare, into the ranch to have a look around.

Inside the ranch area Roy passes a ranch hand that recognizes him and says 'howdy.' It seems that Roy knows most of the ranch hands from working with them in the past. He rides over to the corral and watches as Dale Evans is putting a Golden Palomino named Golden Sovreign. On sight of the mare that Roy is riding Dale's horse stops being obedient and rushes over to Roy on his mare. Roy likes the horse immediately and tries to arrange for his mare and the Palomino to mate, but Gabby will have no part of it. He is proud of his fine horses and he wants to keep all of the offspring. Later in a local casino Gabby is gambling at the roulette table and Roy approaches him again asking if he can make a deal for the Palomino, but Gabby will have no part of it, and the owner of the casino has Roy thrown out, and Roy fights his way out in fine cowboy fashion. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, one of Gabby's neighbors kidnaps the Palomino. Later as Gabby and his neighbors are out searching for the missing horse, the kidnapped Palomino escapes and finds Roy's mare and they have a good time for a bit, until the kidnapper spots them and sees Roy approaching also, so to prevent Roy from getting the Palomino and returning him to Gabby, he shoots and kills the Palomino. Roy turns and sees the fleeing rascals and fires a shot at them, but they are too far away, and they make their escape. Just then Dale  rides up and finds Roy standing over her dad's dead Palomino, and there is one shot fired from his gun. Roy is arrested and held for trial for killing the prize horse, but he is able to escape and run away from the town and his problems there.

Now he is on the run, a fugitive from justice, and things don't look too good for our singing cowboy friend. But never fear, after navigating through many crises and dangerous spots, we know that Roy will come out on top, and somehow in all of this mess he will find his beloved Trigger, who he calls 'The Smartest Horse in the Movies.'