The Law of Contact

Lost Honeymoon (March 29, 1947)

Lost Honeymoom

Released on March 29, 1947: A British lady with twins plans to go to America to find the father of her kids, but when she suddenly dies, her best friend takes the kids in search of their father, who doesn't even remember them or their mother.

Directed by Leigh Jason

The Actors: Franchot Tone (Johnny Gray), Ann Richards (Amy Atkins and Tillie Gray), Tom Conway (Dr. Robert 'Bob' Davis), Frances Rafferty (Lois Evans), Clarence Kolb (Mr. Evans), Una O'Connor (Mrs. Tubbs), Winston Severn (Johnny Gray Jr.), Harry Cheshire (Judge Henderson), Cliff Clark (Police Sergeant), Adele Davenport (Joyce Gray), Eddie Dunn (Evans' butler), James Flavin (Officer Max Riley), Edward Gargan (bartender), Sandra Rogers (Mrs. Jenkins), John Wald (Major).


The Law of Contact

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This is one of those movies that starts with a very normal situation for a responsible, respectable guy, and then throws a crisis into the mix that turns the fellow's world upside down, never again to be the same. Johnny Gray is a successful architect in Rochester, New York. He is getting married in a week, and his bachelor party is approaching. He is going to marry the boss' daughter, and become a partner in the business. All looks rosy for Johnny, and life couldn't get any better.

Meanwhile, in London, a young blonde girl drops in on the landlady of an apartment building. They talk about the sad death of Tillie, this girl's best friend. Tillie had married an American G.I. during the war, and when he went off to battle they lost contact. Tillie had twins, a boy and a girl, and Tillie was just about to head to America to find her lost husband, Johhny Gray. But she died before she could board the boat for America.  So her best friend Amy decides to take Tillie's place and take the kids over to America and force the G.I. father to own up to his responsibility to the kids.

Meanwhile, back in Rochester, when Johnny gets a telegraph from the Red Cross announcing the arrival of his 'wife and kids', Johnny rushes to see his best friend, Doctor Bob. Johnny had returned from England a wounded war hero, and has quickly risen to the top. But Johnny confesses to Bob that his war wound wasn't what everyone thought. He got drunk on night and ran head first into a lamp pole, and got amnesia, and when he regained his memory six weeks later, he had no memory of anything that happened during those six weeks. Did he marry this girl and have kids with her? Was it a different 'John Gray'? Who can tell? When she arrives in Rochester with the two kids they interrupt his bachelor party, and his world turns completely upside down. His future father in law demands his resignation, his fiance dumps him, and his friends desert him, except for Doctor Bob. Things then get verry messy, as John and Tilly, er, Amy, spend time together as John recovers from another lamp post bump. And they fall in love with each other slowly, but this is not leading to the happy ending that we might envision. This roller coaster has several more surprises ahead, and things get totally whacked up as life continues to wind it's way around more unforseen complications.

Make a big bowl of popcorn to keep you busy as you follow this twisted tale of love and adventure down the road to an ending worthy of Hollywood's best. I particularly enjoyed the phenomenal car chase near the end . . . breath-taking car chases are standard for thrillers today, but this one, with streets full of 1947 cars, is a wonder to behold!