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Apache Rose (February 15, 1947)

Roy Rogers in Apache Rose

Released on February 15, 1947: There are oil riches and gambling gangsters out to steal them in this Roy Rogers cowboy western adventure.

Directed by William Witney

The Actors: Roy Rogers (Roy Rogers), Dale Evans (Billie Colby), Olin Howland (Alkali Elkins), George Meeker (Reed Calhoun), John Laurenz (henchman Pete), Russ Vincent (Carlos Vega), Minerva Urecal (Felicia), LeRoy Mason (henchman Hilliard), Donna Martell (Rosa Vega), Terry Frost (Sheriff Jim Mason), Conchita Lemus (dancer), Tex Terry (henchman Likens), Bob Nolan (Bob), Sons of the Pioneers (musicians), Harry A. Bailey (Charlie), Pat Brady (Pat, member of Sons of the Pioneers), Hugh Farr (singer, member Sons of the Pioneers), Karl Farr (singer, member Sons of the Pioneers), Martin Garralaga (Cave host who arrives with Rosa), James Linn (kidnapper), Lloyd Perryman (Lloyd, member Sons of the Pioneers), Tim Spencer (Tim, member Sons of the Pioneers), Ken Terrell (sniper).


Free Download of the old Roy Rogers movie Apache Rose

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I have what I believe is the largest collection of Roy Rogers' movies together in one place to watch and download freely. This one is one of his later movies, and by this time he has met Dale Evans, and on New Years Eve of this year (1947) they got married.

This story takes place in the present day 1947, mixing cowboys and cars and oil and gambling. The location is the southern California Pacific coastline. Roy is a cowboy that is getting supplies so he can drill for oil on his land. Dale is a boat captain that is delivering the supplies to Roy. There is oil on Carlos' land, and a bad fellow that owns a gambling ship off the coast wants the oil rights, and will stop at nothing to get them. The plot isn't the most imaginative I've ever seen, but if you like Roy and Dale and the Sons of the Pioneers, you will certainly enjoy this one.