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The Eyes of Texas (July 15, 1948)

Roy Rogers in The Eyes of Texas

Released on July 15, 1948: Old man Cameron turned his ranch into a home for war orphaned boys, but his crooked lady lawyer wants to cheat him out of his ranch and money.

Directed by William Witney

The Actors: Roy Rogers (U.S. Marshal Roy Rogers), Lynne Roberts (nurse Penny Thatcher), Andy Devine (Dr. Cookie Bullfincher), Nana Bryant (Hattie E. Waters, attorney), Roy Barcroft (Hattie's henchman Vic Rabin), Danny Morton (Frank Dennis posing as Frank Cameron), Francis Ford (Thad Cameron), Pascale Perry (Pete, henchman with the whip), Stanley Blystone (Sheriff), Bob Nolan (Bob, member Sons of the Pioneers), Sons of the Pioneers (musicians), Pat Brady (Pat, cook, member Sons of the Pioneers), Hugh Farr (fiddle player, Sons of the Pioneers), Karl Farr (guitar player, Sons of the Pioneers), Cactus Mack (henchman), Lloyd Perryman (singer, Sons of the Pioneers), Bob Reeves (cowboy), George Sowards (henchman), Tim Spencer (singer, Sons of the Pioneers).


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Pop your popcorn, drizzle it with melted butter, and get ready for another exciting Roy Rogers cowboy adventure. This one has both Andy Devine, and of course The Sons of the Pioneers, and also a genuine 'Woodie' - no, not what you are probably thinking, I mean a 1947 station wagon with real wood trim on the sides. Those were the days . . .

It is 1947, WWII is over, and wealthy old man Cameron has turned his Texas ranch into a home for young boys who lost their father in the war. His only living heir, nephew Frank, has been missing in action in WWII, and at the beginning of this adventure, old man Cameron gets a telegram from the war department telling him that his nephew has been found and will be on his way home soon. Cameron goes to visit his lawyer and tells her to change his will - instead of leaving his wealth to the ranch and the boys, he wants his lawyer to draw up a new will leaving half to the ranch, and half to his nephew. His lawyer agrees and has him sign a blank piece of paper which she will draw up the new will on. Of course we quickly figure out that this lawyer has more on her mind than doing an honest job for old man Cameron. It turns out that it was her that sent the telegram, and nephew Frank has not been found. She trains a pack of dogs to tear people apart, and soon old man Cameron is dead from what appears to be wild wolf bites. And lo, his new will leaves every penny to the nephew, and the lawyer has arranged for a recently released criminal to come to town claiming to be Frank.

Enter U.S. Marshal Roy Rogers, who must get to the truth. But it doesn't take long until the crooked lawyer arranges to have Rogers tossed from his marshal job, leaving nothing in the way of her getting all of the fortune and shutting down the ranch. Will Roy be able to solve this one even without his badge? Will this crafty old lady lawyer make mince meat out of Rogers? Will Pat Brady and the Sons of the Pioneers sing a nifty western song? Will Roy sing a couple of songs too? Munch on that popcorn and enjoy the King of the Cowboys from when he was on of the top cinema attractions.