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Adventures of Gallant Bess (1948)

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Adventures of Gallant Bess

Released in 1948: A cowboy must decide between the horse he loves, and the girl who loves him.

Directed by Lew Landers

The Actors: Cameron Mitchell (Ted Daniels), Audrey Long (Penny Gray), Fuzzy Knight (Woody), James Millican (Bud Millerick), John Harmon (Blake), Edward Gargan (Deputy Sheriff), Cliff Clark (Sheriff), Harry Cheshire (Edward 'Doc' Gray), Evelyn Eaton (Billie), Phil Arnold (bartender), Mike Donovan (Police Officer), Herman Hack (rodeo judge), Robert Milasch (tall cowboy in saloon), Jack Tornek (rodeo cowboy).


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Now give me a break. Really. I may have been born at night, but it wasn't last night. No, I wasn't alive in 1948 yet, but come on now - things haven't changed that much. This is a movie about a man who has a difficult time deciding between his favorite horse and his favorite girl? Are you kidding me? Not even the great writers of Hollywood could make this one believable could he? What's that? You say that this movie was written for the little girls and boys to enjoy on a sunny Saturday afternoon? Oh, well, . . . maybe that's different. Okay, let me start over again.

Ted Daniels has captured and trained one of the finest horses in the world, beautiful and Gallant Bess the Wonder Horse. This horse can shake its head up and down, and pull the hat off your head, and do lots of cool tricks. But evil Bud Millerick will take the Wonder Horse from Ted while Ted is recovering from a broken leg, and Ted falls in love with his nurse, Penny. But once he is recovered, he leaves Penny and heads out in search of the horse he loves more than anything in the world. Pop a big bowl of white kernel popcorn with lots of warm melted butter on it and gather all the kids to watch Ted and Bess the Wonder Horse battle the evil rodeo owner Bud Millerick.

Cameron MitchellGallant Bess
Cameron MitchellGallant Bess
Audrey LongFuzzy Knight
Audrey LongFuzzy Knight
Evelyn EatonCliff Clark
Evelyn EatonCliff Clark
James MillicanCameron Mitchell and Muzzy Knight
James MillicanCameron Mitchell and Fuzzy Knight
Cameron Mitchell and Audrey LongCameron Mitchell in bed
Cameron Mitchell and Audrey LongCameron Mitchell, Harry Cheshire and Audrey Long
Harry Cheshire and Audrey Long 
Harry Cheshire and Audrey Long