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Enter the Lone Ranger (October 7, 1949)

Enter the Lone Ranger

Released on October 7, 1949: This is the story of how the Lone Ranger became the masked enemy of all evil doers in the American Southwest frontier.

Produced by Jack Chertok and George W. Trendle

Directed by George B. Seitz Jr.

The Actors: Clayton Moore (John Reid, The Lone Ranger), Jay Silverheels (Tonto), Glenn Strange (Butch Cavendish), George J. Lewis (Collins, the traitor), Tristram Coffin (Captain Dan Reid), Jack Clifford (Jerry, henchman), Victor Cox (ranger), Frank Fenton (Ranger Captain), Kansas Moehring (henchman), Gerald Mohr (narrator), Carl Sepulveda (henchman Blackie)


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