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Uncle Joe (April 1, 1941)

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Slim Summerville and Gale Storm in Uncle Joe

Released on April 1, 1941: In order to get his daughter away from a suitor that he doesn't like, dad sends Clare to visit her Uncle Joe in the country, where she enjoys a summer adventure.

Directed by Howard M. Railsback and Raymond E. Swartley.

The Actors: Slim Summerville (Uncle Joe), Zasu Pitts (Aunt Julia), Gale Storm (Clare), William B. Davidson (J.K. Day), Dorothy Peterson (Margaret Day), Dick Hogan (Bill), Frank Coghlan Jr. (Dick), Jimmy Butler (Bob), Maynard Holmes (Skinny), Brenda Henderson (Ann), John Holland (Paul Darcey), Susan Lamb (herself, singer), Marvin Hatley (himself, bandleader).


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This family-friendly comedy stars the comedy duo of Slim Summerville and Zasu Pitts, but the central character is nineteen year old Gale Storm. Gail Storm acted in several movies, and later starred on television first on the show, "My Little Margie," and then "The Gale Storm Show."

In 1941 more Americans lived on farms and small farm towns than in large cities, so it was not unusual to set a movie in the country. Young Clare is infatuated with a modern artist, and mom and dad send her for a vacation with Uncle Joe in a small Iowa town so she can forget the slick artist. Uncle Joe is a bachelor-farmer-inventor with a liking for widow Julia in town, who Clare always called 'Aunt Julia.' It seems that Aunt Julia is about to lose her home to the banker, so Clare and the boys and Uncle Joe try to win a radio contest and win a thousand dollars to save Aunt Julia's home. This movie was never one that would win any acadamy awards, but it is certainly a fond peek at the simple but magnificent farm life in the 1940's that will take you back to a simpler time and bring a smile to your heart.