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Sunset Serenade (September 14, 1942)

Sunset Serenade

Released on August 23, 1943: Three war time girls inherit a ten ton truck and decide to go into business.

Directed by Joseph Kane.

Released on September 14, 1942: A Chinese girl infiltrates the invading Japanese to help the resistance and save two American airmen that are shot down over China.

The Actors: Roy Rogers (Roy Rogers), George 'Gabby' Hayes (Gabby), Bob Nolan (Bob), Sons of the Pioneers (ranch hands, singers), Helen Parrish (Sylvia Clark), Onslow Stevens (Gregg Jackson), Joan Woodbury (Vera Martin), Frank M. Thomas (Clifford Sheldon), Roy Barcroft (henchman Bart Reynolds), Jack Kirk (Sheriff Praskins), Pat Brady (member, Sons of the Pioneers), Lynton Brent (Antlers Hotel clerk), Fred Burns (rancher Langdon), Budd Buster (Martin cowhand), Steve Clark (party guest), Curley Dresden (party guest), Frank Ellis (party guest), Hugh Farr (member, Sons of the Pioneers), Karl Farr (member, Sons of the Pioneers), Karl Hackett (rancher in Antlers Saloon), Jack Ingram (henchman Jeff), Eddie Juaregui (henchman), Rex Lease (Martin Rider), Mary MacLaren (party guest), Art Mix (henchman), Monte Montague (henchman Monte), Charles R. Moore (Sam the cook), Jack O'Shea (Sylvia's driver), Edward Peil Sr. (party guest), Pascale Perry (henchman), Lloyd Perryman (member, Sons of the Pioneers), Jack Rockwell (Jim, the Bagley foreman), Rudy Sooter (Bagley ranch hand), Tim Spencer (member, Sons of the Pioneers), Dick Wessel (Antlers bartender).


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Roy Rogers and his side-kick Gabby Hayes are at it again. This time we watch a 1942 present-day western, complete with 1942 cars and telephones. But the plot is right out of the old west. Grab your popcorn and soda and get ready for some good old-fashioned bad guys and good guys battling it out over the ownership of a ranch.

The owner of a well-run ranch has died, and the young lady that cared for him and the ranch house thinks that she will inherit the ranch. Unfortunately a will is discovered that leaves the ranch to a nephew from the east. Her neighbor is a rancher that has a romantic interest in her, and hatches a plan to dupe the new owner out of the ranch. First, he dams up the river passing through the ranch so that without any water, the land is practically worthless. Next, he gets some of his ranch hands to drive off the cattle so there is no livestock value. Finally, he forges a promissary note for $5,000 due on demand that the new owner will have to pay if he wants to keep the ranch.

Now the good guys. Roy Rogers and his peeps come riding into the area looking for work, and happen to see not only the ranch cattle being driven away at night, but they meet the new owner of the ranch. The new owner looks to be about 6 months old, and is in the care of a young lady named Sylvia, who is his caretaker/trustee, in charge of his affairs until he is old enough to take care of himself. Roy and his boys help her get to the ranch, where the lady and her fellow try mightily to convince her to sell the ranch cheap and go back east. But Roy smells a rat, and convinces her to keep the ranch, with Roy and his boys to help her. The bad guys make sure that lots of bad things happen to Roy and the girl, but Roy presses on anyway.

Will Roy and the boys be able to re-claim the ranch's cattle? Will they be able to get water to the ranch? Will Sylvia and the gal that wants to get the ranch from her have a good old-fashioned cat fight? Will Gabby Hayes eat every pie that he sees? Will Roy Rogers and the Sons of the Pioneers sing some pretty cool songs? Will Gabby Hayes even sing a nice ditty in the Antler's Barroom after the big fight? Will you have enough popcorn to last the entire movie?