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Wolves of the Range (June 21, 1943)

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Wolves of the Range

Released on June 21, 1943: There is terror in Texas as drought threatens the ranchers and a villain wants to grab the ranches at firesale prices, and will commit murder to get what he wants unless the Lone Rider can save the day.

Directed by Sam Newfield

The Actors: Robert Livingston (Rocky Cameron, The Lone Rider), Al St. John (Fuzzy W. Jones), Frances Gladwin (Ann Brady), I. Stanford Jolley (Harry Dorn), Karl Hackett (Bob Corrigan), Ed Cassidy (Dan Brady, banker), Jack Ingram (henchman Jack Hammond), Kenne Duncan (henchman Adams), Budd Buster (Ben Foster), Robert F. Hill (Judge Brandon), Jimmy Aubrey (the man Fuzzy bumps into in street), Roy Brent (henchman Bill Davis), Roy Bucko (townsman), Bob Burns (rancher), Fox O'Callahan (townsman), Art Dillard (henchman Slim), Bert Dillard (henchman), Lester Dorr (bank teller), Curley Dresden (brawler in bank), John Elliott (doctor Lewis), Morgan Flowers (bank customer), Al Fowler (townsman), Augie Gomez (short man on porch outside bank), Herman Hack (henchman), Chick Hannan (townsman), Al Haskell (bank customer), Jack Holmes (townsman), Ray Jones (bank customer), Milton Kibbee (rancher), Cactus Mack (bank customer), Milburn Morante (man on porch outside bank), Lew Morphy (man in bank every time the door opens), George Morrell (townsman), Rose Plumer (woman in line at bank), Tom Smith (bank customer), Al Taylor (Jake), Jack Tomek (bank customer), Wally West (henchman), Slim Whitaker (Pasha the fortune teller).

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If you have watched more than two or three old movies you know that sometimes the title seems to have nothing to do with the movie plot. I think that the studios had people sitting around just to make up movie titles. The producer would walk into their office and announce that he had a new cowboy movie and needed a good title.

"What is the movie about," one of the title men would ask.

"That isn't important," the producer would reply. "Just give me a good western title for the marquee. A name that will sell tickets."

"Well, how about Wolves of the Range? No one has used that title yet. By using the word 'Range' we let them know that it is a cowboy flick, and wolves are animals that suggest danger and bring fear to the minds of the kiddies. It is a real winner!"

"I like it," the producer replies. "Wolves of the Range it is!"

In 1943 the word wolf and wolves was most commonly used to suggest a skirt-chasing man, and there are none of those in this cowboy adventure. In fact, although the obligatory pretty young girl is present, there isn't even a hint of romance between her and any of the characters. But alright, Wolves of the Range it is. And the range? Well, everything happens in the small town, never on a ranch or 'range.' And our leading man? He is The Lone Rider - not to be confused with the Lone Ranger. But this 'Lone' rider always has a side-kick with him also - in this case our old actor friend Fuzzy St. John. So he is never 'lone.' Ah-h-h-h-h, but these are only meddlesome details that needn't concern us. Even though I can find absolutely nothing in this film that makes a whole lot of sense historically or even with the general plot lines, you should pop your white kernel popcorn and drizzle plenty of warm melted butter on it, then sit back and enjoy an hour with old cowboy friends. Veteran actors like Slim Whitaker, Fuzzy St. John, Lester Dorr, I. Stanford Jolley, Jimmy Aubrey, Roy Bucko (his brother isn't in this one . . . he must have been busy that week), Budd Buster and more, you will enjoy not only the family of cowboy actors, but the comedy, adventure and good old fighting and gunplay that the director packed this adventure with.

Al St. JohnEd Cassidy
Al 'Fuzzy' St. JohnEd Cassidy
Frances GladwinI. Stanford Jolley
Frances GladwinI. Stanford Jolley
I. Stanford Jolley, Robert Livingston and Frances GladwinJohn Elliott
I. Stanford Jolley, Robert Livingston and Frances GladwinJohn Elliott
John Elliott and Robert LivingstonLester Dorr and Frances Gladwin
John Elliott and Robert LivingstonLester Dorr and Frances Gladwin
Lester Dorr and Frances GladwinRobert F. Hill
Lester Dorr and Frances GladwinRobert F. Hill
Robert F. Hill and Karl HackettRobert Livingston, The Lone Rider
Robert F. Hill and Karl HackettRobert F. Livingston
Roy Brent, Jack Ingram and Robert F. HillSlim Whitman
Roy Brent, Jack Ingram and Robert F. HillSlim Whitman
Slim Whitman, 1943
Slim Whitman