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Roy Rogers in Idaho (March 10, 1943)

Roy Rogers in Idaho

Released on March 10, 1943: A reformed criminal becomes a judge, but is framed by a crooked saloon keeper, and Roy Rogers must prove that the judge is innocent.

Directed by Joseph Kane.

The Actors: Roy Rogers (Roy Rogers), Smiley Burnette (Frog Millhouse), Bob Nolan (member, Sons of the Pioneers), Sons of the Pioneers (singers), Virginia Grey (Terry Grey), Harry Shannon (Judge John Grey, aka Tom Allison), Ona Munson (Belle Bonner), Dick Purcell (Duke Springer), Onslow Stevens (State Ranger Bob Stevens), Arthur Hohl (Spike Madagan), Hal Taliaferro (Bud, Belle's henchman), The Robert Mitchell Boy Choir (the wayward boys at the ranch), George Anderson (board member), Gertrude Astor (party guest), Hooper Atchley (board member), Roy Barcroft (the townsman slugging Bud), Pat Brady (bass player, The Sons of the Pioneers), Lynton Brent (Payroll truck guard), Al Bridge (the jailer), Fred Burns (Ed, board member), Tommy Coats (henchman), Tristram Coffin (Blackie, Belle's lackey), Igor Dega (dance specialty), John Dilson (board member), Hugh Farr (fiddle player, The Sons of the Pioneers), Karl Farr (guitar, The Sons of the Pioneers), Bess Flowers (churchgoer, and Judge Grey's dance partner), Gus Glassmire (Jim Stevens the editor), Karl Hackett (the parson), Earle Hodgins (the bartender), Harry Holman (man leaving the church), Jack Ingram (henchman Jack), Eddie Kane (Pete, Belle's Maitre D), Jack Kirk (Andy the bus driver), Rex Lease (henchman), Tom London (henchman), Ellen Lowe (the hatcher-faced townswoman), Art Mix (lynch mob member), Jack Mulhall (board member), Jack O'Shea (payroll truck driver), Lloyd Perryman (guitar, The Sons of the Pioneers), Grace Poggi (dance specialty), Carl Sepulveda (lynch mob member), Tim Spencer (singer, Sons of the Pioneers), Forrest Taylor (Clem, board member).


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