Career Girl (January 11, 1944)

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Career Girl

Released January 11, 1944: Her boyfriend in Kansas thinks she should be home with him instead of chasing a career on Broadway, but Joan is determined to find success on the stage.

Produced by Jack Schwarz

Directed by Wallace Fox

The Actors: Frances Langford (Joan Terry), Edward Norris (Steve Dexter), Iris Adrian (Glenda Benton), Craig Woods (James Blake), Linda Brent (Thelma Mason), Alec Craig (Theodore 'Pop' Billings), Ariel Heath (Sue Collins), Lorraine Krueger (Ann), Gladys Blake (Janie), Charles Judels (Felix Black), Charles Williams (Louis Horton), Renee Helms (Polly), Marcy McGuire (Louise), Horace B. Carpenter (stage doorman), Jack Chefe (headwaiter), Bess Flowers (Miss Cunningham - Dexter's secretary), Eddie Kane (Mr. Draper), Larry Steers (Mr. Bronson the casting director).

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Joan Terry is a young girl from Kansas City that was told she had talent as a result of her performance in the local theater. When she leaves her wealthy boy friend to find her success on Broadway, she discovers that breaking into the big theater scene is a little tougher than getting a part in Kansas City. As her money is running out, she is forced to move from her tony hotel to a rooming house for aspiring Broadway actresses. At the rooming house she gets room number seven, being vacated by another gal. On her first day there she gets some expensive orchids addressed to 'sweet thing' from 'funny papers' that were intended for the previous tennant in number seven. As a result, Joan meets Steve Dexter, a wealthy businessman with a reputation as a playboy. They go out for the evening and he wines and dines Joan in an elegant manner. Unfortunately, he is leaving town the next day for business on the coast, and they don't see each other again until much later.

Joan's search for any part in any play is unsuccessful and when she runs out of money to even stay in the inexpensive rooming house, she finally she accepts her Kansas City boyfriend's proposal and agrees to return to Kansas and forget about Broadway. The other girls in the rooming house really believe that Joan has talent, and decide to pool their money and form a corporation to back Joan's efforts to become a star. Steve comes back to town that same day, and one of the girls informs him that Joan has a thing for him. Finally one day the girls convince a shoestring producer to put on a play that Joan will star in. During the final day of practice, both Steve and the coal-mine boyfriend from Kansas watch the performance. While Steve goes up to the stage to congratulate the girls, the Kansas City Coal Magnate arranges to buy the show from the producers on one condition - that he shut down the show and never let Joan hit the stage.

From this point on, things get really sticky, with a twist and turn that unexpectedly turns the tables on everything that has been building until this point. Keep muching your popcorn and watch it unfold, because you know that like most motion pictures from the 1940's, all will end well, but the journey to the ending is as entertaining as it gets!