Salome, Where She Danced (April 17, 1945)

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Yvonne De Carlo in Salome, Where She Danced

Released on February 14, 1936: She made guns grow cold...and hearts Burn Hot - as she set the West afire!

Directed by Charles Lamont

The Actors: Yvonne De Carlo (Anna Marie), Rod Cameron (Jim Steed), David Bruce (Cleve Blunt), Walter Slezak (Colonel Ivan Dimitrioff), Albert Dekker (Count Erik Von Bohlen), Marjorie Rambeau (Madam Europe), J. Edward Bromberg (Professor Max), Abner Biberman (Dr. Ling), John Litel (General Robert E. Lee), Jane Adams (Salome girl), Richard Alexander (shotgun), Barbara Bates (Salome girl), Hank Bell (cowhand), Budd Buster (desert rat), Cecilia Callejo (bar girl), Colin Campbell (mate), Emmett Casey (specialty), George Chesebro (miner), Jack Clifford (messenger), Edmund Cobb (stage driver),Jack Curtis (bartender), Bert Dole (specialty), Eddie Dunn (linesman), Alan Edwards (Bret Harte), Eric Feldary (Uhlan Sergeant), Al Ferguson (deputy), Sylvia Field (Sophie the maid), Eugene Gericke (German Sergeant), Harold Goodwin (San Francisco Sheriff), Joe Haworth (Henry), Arthur Hohl (Red Dog Saloon bartender), Kurt Katch (Count Von Bismarck), Daun Kennedy (Salome girl), George Leigh (Bayard Taylor), Jimmy Lung (Chinese guard), Charles McAvoy (policeman), Matt McHugh (Lafe), George Morrell (miner), Gavin Muir (Henderson), Kathleen O'Malley (Salome girl), Bud Osborne (gambler), Ina Ownbey (girl), Nestor Paiva (Panatela), Jasper Palmer (cowhand), Karen Randle (Salome girl), Richard Ryen (Theatre Manager), Peter Seal (Business Chasseur), George Sherwood (bartender), Jean Trent (Salome girl), Doreen Tryden (specialty), Kerry Vaughn (Salome girl), Charles Wagenheim (telegrapher), Jan Williams (specialty), Will Wright (Sheriff).


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This first motion picture for celebrated actress Yvonne De Carlo is an epic tale that spans the American Civil War, the Prussian War against Austria, the old American West, and the young and vibrant San Francisco of the end of the nineteenth century. We follow the loves, lusts, fights and fortunes of Anna Marie, a talented and beautiful woman of Austria that finds herself in situations of love and danger across the globe.

Our story opens with the ending of the Civil War - General Lee is riding home, and comes upon a young war reporter and a Confederate soldier, Cleve. General Lee advises Cleve to go home to his mother and go to college and help rebuild the South, but Cleve has only known fighting since he was a lad, and promises to go on fighting as an outlaw in this new America. We next find the war reporter in Germany where he is at a concert hall with Count Von Bismarck and his aide, a fellow that watched our Civil War and tutored the Germans on the methods of warfare used. They are waiting for the performance of an Austrian dancer that is widely believed to be the best dancer and the most beautiful woman in the world. After the performance, the war reporter meets Anna Marie and her pianist/friend Professor Max, and convinces her to accept the advances of Bismarck and spy for her Austria to find out when Bismarck plans to atack Austria. She accepts the challenge and spies for her Austria, but after Bismarck wins the battle he discovers that she was a spy and promises to find her and kill her. So our war reporter, deeply in love with her, convinces her to let him bring her and Proffessor Max to the American west, promising that her dancing and beauty will earn her a wonderful life in the new world.

Their first stop in the west is in a small town where an older woman runs a theater, and they set up a show for the town, and we see an attraction between Professor Max and Madam Europe, a lady that runs the theater. Anna Marie bills herself as 'Salome' and as the town men crowd into the theater to watch her, all is going well until a bunch of bandits disrupt the performance and rob the audience and the box office money. And who is the head bandit? Cleve, the Confederate soldier that knows no way of life but using his gun. After he robs them all, Anna Marie continues her dance, and Cleve watches spellbound, and instantly falls in love with her. Later, after the show, Anna Marie and her entourage are on the street in front of the theater talking about the nights events, and lamenting that their money that would finance their journey on to San Francisco is now gone. Suddenly Cleve and his bandits ride down the street and Cleve grabs Anna Marie, pulling her onto his horse with him, and rides off into the darkness with her.

At Cleve's camp, Anna Marie and Cleve talk about his past, and she convinces him to give up his bandit ways and go with her to San Francisco. So the next day Cleve and Anna Marie ride into town, giving back the money that they took from the towns folk, and returning the box office receipts that would be their travel money to San Francisco. So now we have one more person in her entourage as they head for San Francisco. Besides Anna Marie and Professor Max, we have the war reporter, the lady that ran the theater, Madam Europe, and Cleve, the Confederate soldier. Once in San Francisco, they are in need of a financial 'angel' to help finance a theater production for Anna Marie, and they set out to entice the wealthiest man in San Francisco. Of course, she succeeds in making him fall for her, so now we have Anna Marie, Professor Max, Madam Europe, the war reporter that is shepherding her career, Cleve the Civil War soldier turned bandit, Colonel Ivan Dimitrioff, her wealthy 'angel', and Dr. Ling, the Colonel's strange but wise side-kick.

The twists and turns in the plot are much too numerous and convoluted to get into, but know that you will quickly be caught up in the drama and adventure that surrounds our heroine. Be forewarned - you will need extra popcorn for this one so that you won't be forced to stop the story while you make more.