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Bells of Rosarita (June 19, 1945)

Bells of Rosarita

Released on June 19, 1945: Sue inherits a circus from her father, but his partner is trying to cheat her out of it, and only Roy Rogers can help her.

Directed by Frank McDonald

The Actors: Roy Rogers (Roy Rogers), George 'Gabby' Hayes ('Gabby' Whittaker), Dale Evans (Sue Farnum), Adele Mara (Patty Phillips), Grant Withers (William Ripley), Addison Richards (Sam Phillips), Roy Barcroft (henchman Maxwell), Janet Martin (Rosarita), The Robert Mitchell Boy Choir (themselves), Bob Nolan (Bob Nolan of the Sons of the Pioneers), Sons of the Pioneers (musicians), Bill Elliott (Wild Bill Elliott), Alan Lane (Alan Lane), Don 'Red' Barry (Don Barry), Robert Livingston (Bob Livingston), Sunset Carson (Sunset Carson), Ted Adams (arena coach driver), Sam Ash (studo director), Bobby Barber (the bald circus vendor), George Barton (studio assistand director), Hank Bell (farmer), Buster Brodie (a circus clown), Lucille Byron (dancer), Ken Carson (himself, member of The Sons of the Pioneers), Bill Cartledge (studio messenger), Ed Cassidy (Sheriff Tom), Roger Creed (George, the motorcycle cop), Billy Cummings (Jimmy), Kenne Duncan (kidnapper), Barbara Elliott (Barbara, studio actress), Geraldine Farnum (dancer), Hugh Farr (himself, member of The Sons of the Pioneers), Karl Farr (himself, member of The Sons of the Pioneers), Shug Fisher (himself, member of The Sons of the Pioneers), Irving Fulton (circus clown), Frances Gladwin (dancer), Jesse Graves (porter), Duke Green (henchman), Harriette Haddon (dancer), Poodles Hanneford (circus clown), Scotty Harrel (Scotty, musician), Earle Hodgins (circus barker), Rosemonde James (studio telephone operator), Eddie Kane (Eddie, Donald Barry's director), Marian Kerrigan (studio telephone operator), Craig Lawrence (studio cameraman), Rex Lease (deputy), Carl M. Leviness (studio assistant director), Tom London (studio gate guard), Cactus Mack (townsman), Frank McCarroll (a studio heavy battling sunset Carson), Mary McCarty (phone operator), Frank McDonald (Roy's studio director), Robert Mitchell (boys choir director), Rose Marie Morel (dancer), Forbes Murray (studio executive producer), Harvey Parry (studio stunts henchman), Gil Perkins (studio stunts henchman), Patti Posten (dancer), Paul Power (studio associate producer), Beverly Reedy (dancer), Jack Richardson (studio director), Arlyn Roberts (dancer), Marin Sais (duena in wedding scene), Syd Saylor (Charlie), John Smith (choir member), Tim Spencer (himself, member of The Sons of the Pioneers), Dorothy Stevens (dancer), Charles Sullivan (kidnapper), Helen Talbot (Helen, studio actress), Duke Taylor (henchman), Dale-Van-Sickel (a studio heavy battling Sunset Carson), Wally West (cowhand), Robert J. Wilke (deputy), Larry Williams (studio cop).


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