The Law of Contact

Utah (March 21, 1945)

Roy Rogers in Utah

Released on March 21, 1945: (running time 53 minutes) Ranch foreman Roy Rogers trys to discourage the new ranch owner from taking over the ranch, but his scheme backfires.

Directed by John English

The Actors: Roy Rogers (Roy Rogers), George 'Gabby' Hayes (Gabby Wittaker), Dale Evans (Dorothy Bryant), Peggy Steward (Jackie, Dorothy's friend), Beverly Lloyd (Wanda, Bob's girlfriend), Jill Browning (Babe, Dorothy's showgirl friend), Vivien Oakland (Stella Mason), Grant Withers (Ben Bowman), Hal Taliaferro (Steve Lacy), Jack Rutherford (Sheriff McBride), Emmett Vogan (Chicago Police Chief), Bob Nolan (Bob), Sons of the Pioneers (cowhands/musicians), Melva Anstead (dancer), Steve Barclay (bit part), Lucille Byron (dancer), Horace B. Carpenter (station agent), Ken Carson (Ken, member of Sons of the Pioneers), Ed Cassidy (Curry, the Chicago cattle buyer), Geraldine Farnum (dancer), Hugh Farr (fiddle player, member of Sons of the Pioneers), Karl Farr (guitar player, member Sons of the Pioneers), Shug Fisher (bass palery, member Sons of the Pioneers), Joseph Forte (Colby), Rosemonde James (dancer), Marian Kerrigan (dancer), Rose Marie Morel (dancer), Frank O'Connor (first train brakeman), Patti Posten (dancer), Hal Price (townsman), Beverly Reedy (dancer), Arlyn Roberts (dancer), Frank J. Scannell (Lyle Carter), Tim Spencer (singer, member of Sons of the Pioneers), Dorothy Stevens (dancer)


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