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Home in Oklahoma (October 18, 1946)

Roy Rogers and Dale Evans in Home in Oklahoma

Released October 18, 1946: Roy Rogers is a small town newspaper editor that helps out of town reporter Dale Evans solve the murder of a local rancher.

Directed by William Witney

The Actors: Roy Rogers (Roy Rogers), George 'Gabby' Hayes (Gabby Whittaker), Dale Evans (Connie Edwards), Carol Hughes (Jan Holloway), George Meeker (Steve McClory), Lanny Rees (Duke Lowery), Ruby Dandridge (Devoria, cook), George Lloyd (Sheriff), Arthur Space (Jud Judnick, coroner), Frank Reicher (Jason, lawyer), George M. Carleton (Kennedy, newspaper editor), Flying 'L' Ranch Quartet (musicians), Bob Nolan (Bob, member Sons of the Pioneers), Sons of the Pioneers (musicians and ranch hands), Doye O'Dell (member Sons of the Pioneers), Pat Brady (Bass player, Sons of the Pioneers), John Daheim (henchman), Hugh Farr (violin player, Sons of the Pioneers), Karl Farr (singer, Sons of the Pioneers), Lloyd Perryman (member, Sons of the Pioneers), Tim Spencer (member, Sons of the Pioneers), Johnny Walsh (Jimmy).


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In this Roy Rogers classic Roy is a small western town newspaper editor, and Dale Evans is a hot-shot lady reporter from a large St. Louis paper. She comes to town to get a story on a local ranch, and helps Roy uncover the murder of the ranch owner. The owner of the Flying U Ranch died in a fall from his horse on the way home from the early morning town breakfast club. In his will, instead of leaving his wealthy ranch to his only living relative, his neice Jan, he leaves her five thousand dollars, but the ranch and the rest of his money is left to the young son of Gabby, his ranch foreman. He leaves Roy a hymn book, with a comment that he not forget their favorite hymn. When Roy flips the pages to the hymn, he finds a handwritten note from the dead ranch owner stating that in the case of his death, launch an investigation, because he believes someone is out to get him.

The investigation leads to his neice and a henchman, who then try to kill the young boy so that the ranch will finally get into her hands. Unfortuantely for the neice and her henchman, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans are on the job, and between songs by them, with the Sons of the Pioneers backing them up, all ends well. Grab your popcorn and soda, and enjoy a good old-fashioned Saturday Afternoon cowboy adventure that kids of all ages will enjoy!