The Shadow Returns (February 16, 1946)

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The Shadow Returns

Released on February 16, 1946: People are flying off of high balconies to their death, and only The Shadow can discover why and stop it.

Directed by Phil Rosen and William Beaudine

The Actors: Kane Richmond (Lamont Cranston, The Shadow), Barbara Reed (Margo Lane), Tom Dugan (Shrevvy), Joseph Crehan (Police Inspector Cardona), Pierre Watkin (Police Commissioneer J.R. Weston), Robert Emmett Keane (Charles Frobay), Frank Reicher (Michael Hasdon), Lester Dorr (William Monk), Rebel Randall (Lenore Jessup), Emmett Vogan (Joseph Yomans, aka Paul Breck), Sherry Hall (Robert Buell), Cyril Delevanti (John Adams the butler), Ernie Adams (Hawwkeye), Eddie Parker (warehouse thug), Brick Sullivan (policeman at the cemetary).


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