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Wild Country (January 17, 1947)

Wild Country

Released on January 17, 1947: When a desperate outlaw frames and then kills a Sheriff, Marshal Eddie Dean and his side-kick Soapy hunt him down.

Produced by Jerry Thomas

Directed by Ray Taylor

The Actors: Eddie Dean (Marshal Eddie Dean), Roscoe Ates (Soapy Jones), Peggy Wynne (Martha Devery), Douglas Fowley (Clark Varney), I. Stanford Jolley (Rip Caxton), Lee Roberts (Sheriff Josh Huckings), Forrest Matthews (henchman Sam), William Fawcett (lawyer Joe Spindle), Henry Hall (Marshal Harlan G. Thayer), Charles Jordan (convict Brown), Richard Cramer (first guard), Gus Taute (Dilling), The Sunshine Boys (singing cowhands), Ralph Bucko (barfly), Steve Clark (Sheriff Bill Devery), Freddie Daniel (singing cowhand), Art Dillard (barfly), Tex Driscoll (barfly), Frank Ellis (second guard), Augie Gomez (barfly), Herman Hack (hideout henchman), Silver Harr (barfly), Carl Mathews (henchman in bar), M.H. Richman (Ace, singing cowhand), Matty Roubert (henchman at hideout), Charles Soldani (barfly), J.D. Sumner (singing cowhand), Jack Tornek (barfly), Eddie Wallace (singing cowhand)


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